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Absolute Sword Goddess
Absolute Sword Goddess
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4.5 (80 ratings)
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In an alternate version of Earth, Mika was a genius female swordsman born in 1450s Japan. She spent her entire life training her swordsmanship, pushing her body to its limits, and becoming unrivaled in her skills. When she finally succumbed to her injuries at the ripe age of 45, a System, calling itself the consciousness of the Multiverse, suddenly appeared and reincarnated her into a new world of sci-fi, fantasy, and magic, where flying cars and mythical beings are commonplace and mystical energy known as Mana flows through the air.

Mika's dream is to continue increasing her sword mastery and take advantage of the power of Mana to become even stronger. That seems to be the System's goal, but its intentions are unknown to Mika. All she can do is be thankful that it doesn't make her do anything she doesn't want to do.

The future holds many mysteries as Mika struggles to find her purpose in this new world, but whether her destiny is to save the Multiverse from destruction or to become its executor, she will continue to raise her strength. The secrets of the Multiverse are within reach now, and she intends to make full use of this opportunity she has been granted.

Along the way, she will encounter enemies, new friends and face impossible odds as she fights not just to survive, but to thrive.


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ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSeinenSupernatural
Adventurers Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Battle Academy Beastkin Beasts Beautiful Female Lead Body Tempering Confident Protagonist Cultivation Fantasy Creatures Fast Learner Female Protagonist Hard-Working Protagonist Harsh Training Interdimensional Travel Magic Magic Beasts Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation Slow Growth at Start Sword And Magic Sword Wielder System Administrator Unique Cultivation Technique
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Table of Contents
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    love the work author san. The novel is pure gold please don't drop it.

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    Status: chapter 19-leaving the estate

    This is a fantastically, enjoyable story. The main character is a highly likable sort of genius, who has worked incredibly hard in her past life to achieve her results. Coming from absolute poverty, you see the absolute dedication in her life to reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship, and her new life offers that opportunity. Even when it seems like she has special opportunities, granted to her by the system, which takes a very supportive role, you still see the incredible work she puts in to make the absolute most of the benefits that she’s offered. This is definitely a must read.

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    Status: chapter 10-making preparations part 2

    Style - 7/10. Decent, occasionally stumbles and the text feels awkward and stilted at times. Pacing started dragging heavily post-reincarnation, aka chapter 2, lots of hollow padding and fluff that can easily be cut. Take chapter 11, it takes like 2000 words to actually be born, when really for the actual relevant content would be a quarter the length. Lots of extraneous random details, observations and comments that, again, aren't even vaguely pertinent or are filler. That's one of the crippling aspects sentient systems tend to encourage in inexperienced writers, they turn into endless exposition machines and running commentaries, and never just shut up and let the MC do sh*t, making pretty much everything take twice as long and hurting the protagonist's agency. Every action that SHOULD be quick ends up stretched on and on and on, as do entire segments, even after she's born. I suspect the combat scenes will be much the same, when they SHOULD be fast, frenetic, and have not much thinking or talking involved unless there's a lull for some reason. If you've ever done a martial art or even something like dance or skating, you'd know that, for the most part, you don't think, you act, unless there's a lull.

    Plot - 6.5/10. Haven't seen much of it yet, but the basic premise and concept is good. At the same time, the womb cultivation arc was incredibly stupid and massively overstayed it's welcome, ending only at chapter 11, but then essentially continues as she's a child. Also, there were copious bad tell-not-show segments and infodumping by the system about the power system, something I'd have vastly preferred seeing integrated better into the story. Everything since her dearh was abjectly awful, pretty much everything that happened should have been moved to a schooling/tutoring segment at a bare minimum and not done before she was even born, let alone a few years old. It also makes her even more special snowflakey and untouchable even hypothetically, as-is.

    Edit : Things are even more drawn-out than I suspected, she's still like 6 months old as of chapter 19, and continues to get even more egregious training aids so she doesn't even need to age enough to swing her arms. At this rate, it'll take multiple novel lengths for her to grow to be a few years old, considering I've read a novella's worth of content and she isn't even out of diapers yet, and the system continues to give her sh*t to train even faster so her physical bosy isn't even the slightest roadblock, and literally nothing has happened. Christ, this pacing continues to be complete and utter garbage, are timeskips or even letting time pass without the MC being able to train forever an alien concept or something? It feels so heavily front-loaded, at this rate I expect she'll be a god by the time she's 10 or some sh*t.

    Really disappointing, since the premise and first couple made it seem like she'd have to put actual tangible effort into things, which it doesn't feel like in the slightest. It's basically identical to any Mary Sue cultivation system, just with the tacked on inclusion of 'and then she spent a gorillion years swinging her sword with time compression, or practiced a hundred times in her space and obtains absolute perfection', usually not even included at this point due to her apex Mary Sue level talent in literally everything, she never struggles by any metric in literally anything. Anything she gets just doesn't feel earned or hard fought, something common with most bad systems.

    I'm also a bit tentative at this point here, since the MC seems horribly OP from the get-go, but we'll see if the author falls into the pit of many, many authors here, and actually lets her have dangerous opposition and competition that is just as good as her and actually wins from time to time. Hopefully, she doesn't have godmode from her Mary Sue-level talent and physique and cultivation from before even being born. At least she technically had to work for it, even if it doesn't feel like it.

    Regardless, the fast aging, womb cultivation, talent that literally no one in existence can hold a candle to, and a perfect family bereft of any and all flaws from the beginning make me very concerned that this isn't just yet another bland stompfest wherein the MC gets the best of everything ever, nothing bad ever happens to her or anyone around her, and no one can remotely compete with her sheer utter awesomeness. Her talent would at least have made her a target, if that risk wasn't basically removed wholesale by her parents.

    Grammar - 7/10. No major issues until chapter 7, where it falls apart. Lots of outright bizarre capitalizations, and the style suffers a bit. Gets a tad better, but these issues continue to plague later chapters. Examples include 'older sister', 'universe', 'humanity', 'years', 'countries', 'daughter', etc. Desperately needs editing, or at least a pass through Grammarly. 

    Characters - 7.5/10. Pros, I generally like the MC, though I wish all the characters would show more visceral and descriptive emotion overall. As well, I'd like her to branch out more, like, she's passionate about swordsmanship and cultivation, but that singular focus dominates her entire character leaving very little else or doing borderline anything that doesn't have to do with swords, making her mono-faceted and even flat at times.

    Overall - 7/10.

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    Status: chapter 78-[volume 3 chapter 21] becoming...

    This book - so far - is an absolute delight to read. I'm really enjoying it. Why? Here are a few reasons:

    1. Though my native language isn't English... I haven't found any problems with grammar
    2. The characters depicted in this story have character. Flaws. A reason to do the things they do.
    3. MC doesn't get everything for free. Quite the opposite: she has to earn it herself. Work for it.

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