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/ Series / The Awakened Lady
The Awakened Lady
The Awakened Lady
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Alice de Ravendall, the daughter of a count, starts experiencing vivid dreams that hint at a former life as a physics major in college.
In a world where scientific knowledge is closely tied to magical abilities, how will Alice fare?


This is a 'science meets magic' type of story where the science aspect will eventually get wilder and more complex.
Expect at least two chapters per month.


Disclaimer: I am neither a physicist nor a biologist, so you might want to take everything with a grain of salt. There may be errors or even deliberate omissions to serve the plot, and I might take some liberties now and then.
It is best to consider that the magic system merely draws inspiration from science, like most works of science fiction.

Lastly, some chapters contain AI illustrations generated and edited by yours truly. I'd like to think they incrementally get better over time.

Adventurers Age Progression Artifacts Beastkin Clever Protagonist Coming of Age Curious Protagonist Elves Fantasy World Female Protagonist Hiding True Identity Introverted Protagonist Magic Nobles Reincarnated into Another World Scientists Underestimated Protagonist
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Table of Contents
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