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/ Series / Mirabelle’s Boots – The Cruel Fairy’s Wish [A Shoe-Making litRPG!]
Mirabelle’s Boots – The Cruel Fairy’s Wish [A Shoe-Making litRPG!]
Mirabelle’s Boots – The Cruel Fairy’s Wish [A Shoe-Making litRPG!]
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[I was reborn after being murdered because of the true wish that I made for revenge against all human-peoples, but now I’m alive again and I actually just kind of don’t want to do that anymore; so I opened a shoe-store instead!]
After being violently torn from her old life in the natural world after being grotesquely murdered by miners belonging to members of the common races of humans and elves, Mirabelle the fairy makes a true wish to anything that can hear her dying screams, beckoning the old powers of the forgotten reaches to allow her to take her revenge against those who stole all things precious from her in this life.

Her wish is granted. However, upon being reborn in an age far after when she originally died, and all traces of her old life having been erased by the unforgiving passing of time, she finds herself alone with a spirit as crushed as her old body had been, as while she has been granted her wish for power, all of the people who wronged her have long since died already.

The cruel fairy forsakes her true wish to make the world worse than she left it and instead finds a new life in a very unlikely place — the large, nearby human city that hadn’t existed when she last knew the area generations upon generations ago.

Needing a way to survive as the only fairy within the human capital, if not the only one at all in the world, Mirabelle lives in secret within the vibrant city full of magic and adventurers, adapting to the ways of the human-people, as the fairy ways do not suffice to survive within this new, industrious world that is the total opposite of her old one, until she finds her path forward as a shoemaker's apprentice!

Living in secret and in fear, unable to reveal herself because of her own anxieties, the fairy practices the art of shoemaking in secret, the old bargain of her rebirth not forgotten by her or by the dark stars that granted it, as she spends her days making boots as she tries to figure out what life exactly is for a cruel fairy or a cruel human, both of whom exist under the curious glow of starlight that seems to wait ever so patiently for the bargain to be fulfilled.

Will Mirabelle succumb to the cruel desires to make the humans pay for what they did to her and her people, or will she find a new way forward, breaking free from the spiritual shackles of revenge?

Find out in this new litRPG story from trending fantasy author D.M. Rhodes - ‘Razzmatazz’!
[Slow Paced] [Internal Conflict] [Casual Crafting] [Sad and Suffering =(] [But Then Happy and No Suffering! =)] [Not a Power Fantasy Story] [No Really, It's Slow Paced] [If You Didn't Like Dungeon Item Shop, You Won't Like This One] [BOOTS!]

AdventureComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGPsychologicalSlice of LifeTragedy
Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Character Growth Conflicting Loyalties Crafting Cruel Characters Dungeons Female Protagonist Hidden Abilities Hiding True Abilities Living Alone Loneliness Magic Nightmares Non-human Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Revenge Secretive Protagonist Store Owner Time Skip Wishes Witches Wizards World Tree
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