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/ Series / Colosseum Core : [The Arena Dungeon-Core LitRPG]
Colosseum Core : [The Arena Dungeon-Core LitRPG]
Colosseum Core : [The Arena Dungeon-Core LitRPG]
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[I was reborn as a dungeon-core and forgot what life was really about until I remembered that it was obviously about violence! (So I made a grand colosseum for the greatest champions of humanity to fight to the death in)]
Being taken from another world, the soul named Munera finds itself reborn as the beating heart of a wild dungeon – an entity known as a Dungeon-Core. With nothing to do but watch humans fight against one another and against itself, confused about its new purpose in this other world and ‘body’ – that is actually a complicated network of underground tunnels and chambers rather than a simple construct of flesh and bone – Munera comes to the obvious conclusion that life is about nothing else other than gratuitous violence and the assertion of dominance over lesser beings!

Taking this to the next level, it sets out to find out everything about fighting, combat, and the ascension to power and purpose through raw strength, cunning tactics, and sly strategy by creating a grand arena, a colosseum. In this newly formed underground labyrinth, the blood-hungry entity imprisons countless humans, monsters, elves, and all manner of beings with the intent to make them fight against one another with sword and magic and in contests of cunning and wit in order to prove the validity of the pursuit of purpose through raw power of many shapes.

Will its confused quest and methods succeed in pressing out the distilled essence of life from the bones of its new gladiators through the filter of challenges and nightmares? Or will it lose control over its prisoners as they band together with one another, its own domain crumbling with this violence turning its way instead? Find out in the latest novel from trending fantasy and isekai author D.M. Rhodes!
[litRPG] [Dungeon Core] 
This story is a commission I was hired for by KnightAether and am now continuing by myself.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsPsychologicalSlice of LifeSports
Adventurers Dungeon Master Dungeons Dwarfs Elves Fairies Famous Protagonist Fantasy World Forced Living Arrangements Game Ranking System Gladiators Goblins Harsh Training Hated Protagonist Level System Orcs Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated into Another World Soldiers Survival Survival Game Teamwork Transported into Another World Twisted Personality Voyeurism
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    Amazing. Just like all your other works.

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