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/ Series / A Black Market LitRPG [OLD]
A Black Market LitRPG [OLD]
A Black Market LitRPG [OLD]
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4.4 (90 ratings)
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Kyle woke up in a land of fantasy and magitech. The usual 'I died and woke up' bullshit, skip all that.
Except he used to be a crime lord, and society here is missing that extra kick.

Chapters come when they are ready.

This series has been depreceated - new version coming soon

Aristocracy Arms Dealers Business Management Charismatic Protagonist Cold Protagonist Crafting Crime Criminals Drugs Evil Protagonist Gangs Industrialization Level System Magical Technology Organized Crime Politics Selfish Protagonist Slaves
Table of Contents 182
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 107 – reunion

    Well, I've hit the burnout moment for this story. For one reason or another I've become burned out by it. I believe a considerable amount of it has been caused by the latest arc. It changes far too much in far too short of a time. It's somewhat difficult to nail the tone shift, but previous the MC felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing and now it feels like David vs Goliath, with the system suddenly playing a huge role in the story. 

    The early part of the story were frankly great. My only complaint was the enemy leaders were a tad unrealistically smart for their position. The MC felt like the type of badass that would be inconvenienced at best if he lost his system.

    For now this'll go on hold.

    Oh, I also don't recommend this to people that use text-to-speech, as all the System notifications are massive images. If you do, I'd suggest installing an extension that can modify website looks and use the code I posted in my first comment to resize the images and change them to grayscale.

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    Status: chapter 57 – arms industry

    For those who want an MC who knows what they’re doing but not overpowered, here ya go! Great story, with light litrpg elements. 

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 10

    Pretty good. I recommend it. You'll enjoy it.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 115 – evacuation

    Omg! What a great story, definitely good for losing your sanity. Aside that, it does truly remind me how easy to kill something or someone aslong you are stronger than them. (They where easily destroyed like a vase. -Quete by an angel character in the internet) reminds me how we take everything for granted.

    Whelp I dont know how to write good reviews, but overall it was a great inspiration for beginner writter. Just please dont copy it! Write down what this novel make it great! As always Thank you for the chapther M.G Driver!

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    Status: chapter 81 – nest

    idk how to write a good review but I will say that this is one of my favorite novels in scribblehub and that I want it to continue, I already entered the discord of this guy to get the chapters in advance and I am really loving this series

    if you have any question about this novel until the chapter that I am currentily you can ask in my profile or send me a massage

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    Status: chapter 87 – tensions

    A well written story about crime & its economics. The rpg system does not interfere with the story which makes it a good selling point for those for a weary of this kind of element in many of these kinds of stories.

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    3 Likes · Like

    It's great so far. The MC utilize all the available resource he could get and cautious enough to prepare for any unexpected big events that can affect him and his group and not be caught off guard by it.

    The only down side is the slow chapter release 

    Update: I just noticed that this was a fairly new novel and it was fast at releasing chapters. Looking forward to read and hungry for more :D

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    Status: chapter 59 – refocus

    For those of you looking for a nice blend of system and litrpg, I think that this book has it down quite well. The system doesn't intrude too much and the protagonist doesn't focus overly much on it like in many other novels, but is there when needed. Meanwhile, the story chugs along at a decent pace with, while not making the MC real OP real quick with event after event. Instead, the MC progresses at a believable rate for someone who was previously a top dog in a different time who has their fair share of all the troubles you would expect of an underdog rising to power. All in all, the story is pretty solid.

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