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/ Series / Koushin: Konoha’s Dragonborn[Completed]
Koushin: Konoha’s Dragonborn[Completed]
Koushin: Konoha’s Dragonborn[Completed]
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4.0 (68 ratings)
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In a world where Koushin, a reborn Earth native, reshapes the Naruto universe, familiar faces embark on divergent paths. With the roots of Konoha's society altered, A reformed and powerful Akatsuki faction, seeking redemption and control. As Akatsuki's influence grows, secret factions emerge, and loyalties are tested. Koushin, armed with knowledge from his previous life, maneuvers behind the scenes, guiding events in unexpected ways. As the balance of power shifts, allies and enemies blur, resulting in a riveting tale of intrigue, betrayal, and the pursuit of power in this Naruto fanfiction.

What to expect;

Skyrim System: Although it is based on the game, it is adapted to Naruto World. No game magic, no game weapons. Mostly the interface.

!!!Heavily Altered Plot: If you are reading to remember Naruto, don't. I don't like rewriting stories. If you are familiar with my works, you should know I like to fuck up with plot. Change everything, ignore anything. I don't care about knowledge about anime or manga. I don't care about knowing what is going to happen. I fuck the plot right in the middle. So, do not comment in chapter 20 why some of the characters acting different than their anime-self. Actions have consequences, and MC, by just existing, changes stuff.

Strong Romance; Koushin x Ino. Mushy, sickening romance. Foolish banters, lovey-dovey words, name-callings and nauseating interractions.

Harem-R-18; NO! No harem, no smut, no ntr, no yuri. Just romance.

Slow Pace; First part of anime ended around Ch75, I am guessing Shippuden would take around 100, maybe a bit more chapters.

Strong but not Overpowered MC; Easy-going, casual, funny and enjoyable MC.

For now the publish schedule is a chapter a day.

ActionAdventureComedyFanfictionFantasyMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of LifeSupernatural
Naruto Skyrim
Alternate World Antihero Protagonist Brotherhood Carefree Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Early Romance Elemental Magic Game Elements Male Protagonist Ninjas Slow Romance
Table of Contents 234
Reviews 7
Table of Contents
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    nice story.

    okey MC with very little flaw

    most of the characters acts as they should.

    romance is sometimes cringy.

    almost no plot hole.

    MC actally smart.

    overall better than 96.765% of naruto ff out there.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: ch48- putting some sense...

    i liked how the story doesn't 1 to 1 to according to the original plot (how after the giant sword mist guys defeat  -i forgot his name-) there are new enemies. The world feels alive actions have consequences good or bad for kou. Only part I didn't like is mc's hate for the "useless" characters mainly Sakura we know she is useless but it is reminded like 20 time. Overall great story would love to see what happens next. ≪3

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ch41- team incredibly good-looking...

    Likeable story

    The only thing I dont like about MC is that he judge people based on what they did in anime or manga

    He should judge people based on what they did now that MC exist as distruptor

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch24- training with kakashi!

    First few chapters in, gotta say, pretty good. Will come back later to edit when nec

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch233- the end! [final]

    What I can say about this title? In one word: Amazing!

    Great story, you will understand once you read the very first chapter. Lots of characters behaving in realistic way with plot deviating way further from original Naruto. And you wouldn't believe in what happened to Danzo. Yeah, blame Danzo forever. That was a genius move.

    Nice action story with cringe romance (what romance isn't cringe worthy in real life?), witty MC with his comedy. Naruto being little different of original.

    Plus the wholesome ending. That is a nice ending author did, no need to write a grand ending or anything of sort. Just make a deserving ending and it fits like a glove since some characters really deserve it.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: ch233- the end! [final]

    Great story! From beginning to end--the action was well crafted and I loved the character development of Koushin from beginning to end. He could be a 'little' over the top-- but that's all a part of his charm! 5 stars work!!!

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: Ch233- The End! [Final]

    My luck lately has honestly been scaring me. This is like, the fifth fanfic today that I've found that is actually good. For all of its flaws, I'd say it's pretty clear that the author has things planned out and isn't just coming up with things as they move along. I mean, I guess that's not too surprising once you stop to consider the fact that Sasuke is killed off within the first sentence. If my severely lacking knowledge of Naruto is up to code, that's a pretty big deal. 

    (Before anyone says that this is a spoiler, I was not exaggerating. Sasuke is proclaimed dead within the first paragraph of the first chapter, and I'm pretty sure it was the first sentence.)

    Addendum: If there is one complaint I could possibly have with this story, it'd be that I'm left wanting more after-story content. One chapter is far from enough to satiate me.

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