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/ Series / Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform’s Guide to being a Dungeon Core] (Book 2 title)
Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform’s Guide to being a Dungeon Core] (Book 2 title)
Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform’s Guide to being a Dungeon Core] (Book 2 title)
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Book 1: Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform's Guide to Cultivation] (B1 - Lessons 1-70)

Book 2: Alpha Strike: [An interstellar Weapon Platform's Guide to being a Dungeon Core] (B2 - Ongoing)

(WARNING! - The Author is not responsible for any actions, words, memetic hazards used by, or impressionable youths corrupted by, the MC.)

Meet ALPHA-555-12-4412; an unstable, unpredictable, and possibly insane Sapient AI of dubious morals with a love for everything that goes "Boom!".

All qualities that make him perfect as the "Spearhead" for the technologically advanced Third Galactic Federation of Sapients' and its "Galactic Unification Project". When you need a rebellion quelled, or a new species subjugated, you call in an Alpha Strike!

But when Alpha finds himself trapped in a world filled with reality-warping magics and thousand-year-old Cultivators, He quickly learns he might be out of his depths for once.

And like any good fish out of water, he adapts the best he knows how; by giving the fish a pair of sick robot legs and equipping it with a battleship-rated intercontinental Railgun!

Soon all the Worlds of the Grand Firmament will learn; He's not trapped inside with them; they're trapped in here with Him.


Reader's Warning! - Side-effects of this story may include, but are not limited to, [Insomnia], [PTSD], [Anasaphilia], [Cachinnation induced asphyxiation], [Paranoia that you're being constantly watched by an Omnipresent interstellar intelligence of dubious origins] (you are), and [Totally rational, AI-centric, Technophobia].

By reading the first word of this Synopsis, you have given your legally binding agreement to absolve the Third Galactic Federation of Sapients and all associated parties from any and all damages caused as a result of this story in the past, present, future, and outside of time or causal reality.

[Non-Causal Reality damages may be eligible for review.]

[For details, see section - ̴̠̑̀͋̕.̵̲͚͉͓̐̔͐γ̴͙̙͓̺̿͌̚b̷͎̌̏̆̕ǫ̴̛̬̞͍͚̑̍d̵̮̭̭́̈́̋ ̵̘̣̗͙͝ɿ̸̡̦͚̜͊̈́̋̕ὐ̷̛͎̺̰̯̟̈́ö̵̤͚́͑̽γ̵̧̝͐̈ ̸͙͍͚͛͌͝b̴̮̽n̷̨̏̄̂͘͝i̵͍̙͒̓ʇ̴̠̅̚ ̵̛̗̩̝̘̅̇̏͝ͅɿ̸̥̼̞̈́͊̇͒͠ɘ̷̧̨͂̆̉v̶̖̭̈ɘ̸͖̾͂ń̷̥̟͝ ̵͇̱̊́͠l̴͖̾̈͑͒̒l̴̲̦̮̂̈́͗̎͝ͅ'̴̛̱̍͑͘γ̴̥̝̼̞̈́͐̆͠ɘ̶̥̈̑̆̕ʜ̷̰̒̐͝T̵̼̐ ̵̹͐.̶̹͓̆̎ϱ̷̧̤̀̚n̵͔̼͋į̴̟̥͍͂͜b̸̛̩̲̥̭̪̍͌b̴̥͙̈̎̐́̚i̵̛̲͎͔͋͊ʞ̵̛̩̞̜̥̀́͘͜ ̷̛͉̓Ɉ̵̰̞̉̀̂ƨ̶̧̰͖̈υ̸̧͕͚͝Ⴑ̸̭̄̂ ]


ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMechaSci-fiSupernatural
Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Artifact Crafting Artificial Intelligence Carefree Protagonist Clever Protagonist Crafting Crazy Protagonist Cultivation Cyberpunk Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Magic Magic Formations Magical Technology Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Outer Space Overpowered Protagonist Technological Gap Wuxia Xianxia
Table of Contents 155
Reviews 7
Table of Contents
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    Status: Chapter 60

    I was hesitant to give this harsh review, but as I read along I realised can't stay without saying my opinion. While it's commendable that author came back with intent on writing this story better than his previous one. I can confidently say that previous version of story was for more enjoyable... there I said it.

    First of all previous story had more excitement and gave little rewards we reader enjoyed. Inspite of all the grammar mistakes, plot holes that story was fun to read, I was always excited to read a new chapter. But this story despite having sharp plotline and polished grammar, I can't enjoy it. It feels like I'm reading watered down version of previous story, but with added glitter and shiny of mysterious characters and characters to supplement it. Personally I disliked many choices that author took, while we were expecting comedy undertone like the previous work, and almost got baited into thinking that it was comedic story in early chapters, we are suddenly slapped by tragedy and drama that I didn't relate. Not only author toned down alpha's compulsive meme behaviour, he repeated same scenarios with at least three pov, no thank you while some people like 30 pov of same scenario I get bored of it quickly. My main grip isn't even that story took different turn than I expected but, it wasn't fun, I don't read on web to expect genius level of plot and character writing, to me reading has always been being enjoyable or not, it doesn't matter how stupid the plot is, other thing felt extra and glittery, they look pretty sure, but nothing else in substance. In the end It feels like I'm reading something average 3.5 rated version of 4.5 star work. I know I have no right to judge your work, but I at least wanted to get it off my chest, good luck author I hope you can write more stores in future.

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    Status: Book 1 - lesson 12

    Honestly, I haven't read much through this rewrite, but I felt the need to write this review now because it's been very hard for me to continue reading more. I'll be blunt, this rewrite is far worse than the original novel.

    What I liked about the pre-rewrite version was how the MC would face all the fantasy beings with crazily advanced technology. And the pre-rewrite novel did that decently. Not the best, but good enough to be enjoyable.

    There was one aspect which I didn't like. It was the uselessly prolonged filler stuff in all the chapters. From the MC's lame jokes, to uninteresting side-characters doing uninteresting activities, to flashbacks that has nothing to do with the main plot, and so on and so forth.

    This rewrite increases up that aspect by 100 times. What was a slightly tedious, yet enjoyable read, turned into a boring slog. I fell asleep several times while reading this rewrite due to how slow the main plot is moving.

    I am honestly trying to enjoy this rewrite, but I feel disappointed by how much of a hassle it is to read through even just a single chapter. I want to see the MC progress through his world domination, yet I'm being hindered with filler jibber-jabber 90% of the time.

    Maybe it's because I've been reading mostly East Asian webnovels, which have their main plot generally moving forward at a good pace. To me, it just feels like this rewrite is trying too much to move in every single direction rather than a single one.

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    Status: book 1 – lesson 61: “the right door...

    There are 2 books here, one about a world conquering weapons platform housing a slightly unhinged AI stranded in a cultivation world and one about the denizens of a cookie cutter cultivation world. Now usually that would not be a problem with this type of story. You can see how the world reacts to the aforementioned AI and the insuring hijinks. But the story puts too much focus on the cookie cutter world without making the reader care about any of it. This book feels like the 1000+ chapters of a cultivation novel, but in those novels you had 1000+ chapters to start caring about the denizen side characters. 

    The chapters that this book has which actually feature Alpha are 5/5 but are overshadowed by the more numerous filler side-stories of random side-characters which are 3/5 at best. One of the books here is stellar and one is filler fluff. I hope to see the book realize it's potential and turn to a full 5/5 in the future.

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    Status: b2 - lesson 8

    I'm not the most objective since I really love multiple pov, but so far, this work is among the best I read on internet. It is not perfect, some chapters seem really out of place (I think of a particular POV denoting clearly with the rest of the story), the comedy not as present as the synopsis suggests and some parts of the plot follow less the flow of the story than the needs of the authors. In spite of its default, the characters are well written, the protagonist is not the only character worse following, the lore is strangely well written, I did not expected to see some believable concepts from a scientifical viewpoint for the magic system,   the flow is nor too slow nor too quick. I would even buy a physical version if it existed.

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    Status: book 1 – lesson 67: “never doubt peoples...

    Bob from the Bobiverse Series will have a field day reading this fic. If you get my reference, chances are you will enjoy this too except this fic is more character-driven since Alpha is a single entity. There is the regular xianxia BS which is fun, something you will not see in Bobiverse but it will grow on you. Alpha has a sense of humor too with his love for ducks, and an almost displaced sense of comedy considering the setting he is forced into. It has an interesting plot that challenges the isekai genre considering how he ended up in an entirely new civilization ruled by Celestial Gods. There is also a Technological Gap in a sense, but not as strict as you will see in Destiny Crucible or Bobiverse series. So far, Alpha is not showing any signs of 'cultivating' in a xianxia sense, but there is a strong sci-fi in the fic despite it taking place in a magical setting full of cultivators, and self-proclaimed immortals. I enjoyed reading the fic, especially with the touch of comedy and the reality to it of how an AI would look outwardly insane yet on the inside, was actually a cold logical entity. If you enjoy railguns and unlimited bullets, then you will have fun in this fic too. 

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    Status: book 1 – lesson 59: “pride has no...

    Great story with amusing comedic elements along with some touching moments. Extremely well written!

    Snarky AI for the win!

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    Status: book 2 – prologue: “loose ends.”

    I'm conflicted on this one. The premise is interesting, the characters are generally likeable and the story can be interesting and fun, but... at the same time it can be slog, especially at the beginning, with events taking up multiple chapters even before getting described from multiple PoVs.

    Also, despite the novel's name, it is NOT a dungeon core story in any way - not for the entire first book at least, thought it feels like it might come in the second. If that is the case, the entire first book is just a long-winded prologue...

    And then there's the part about the AI's combat track record. At the start of the story, the MC is frankly overpowered and could probably wipe out most, if not all threats he meets, so he has to be nerfed That's perfectly fine. But even after the MC is brought to a more competitive level, he continues to accumulate losses, pyrrhic victories, or at best tactical victories that leave him weaker and weaker throughout the first book, and his major enemies have the nasty habbit of somehow escaping, or not staying dead even when they are killed.

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