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/ Series / Rise of a Manor Lord
Rise of a Manor Lord
Rise of a Manor Lord
27.9k Views 778 Favorites 123 Chapters 5 Chapters/Week 270 Readers
4.5 (19 ratings)
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After stabbing an evil demon summoner to death, Drake inherits the old fart’s mansion, powerful servants, mountains of gold, and the ability to do magic.

Which would be great if it also didn’t paint a giant target on his back.

With ruthless enemies now seeking to kill him for his manor, he must learn how to use his powerful magic, win his people’s loyalty, curb stomp his enemies, and lie his ass off until he becomes so powerful no one dares challenge him.

New chapters are posted Tu-F at 9:07 am EST.

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Clever Protagonist Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Fantasy World Kingdom Building Maids Male Protagonist Transported into Another World
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c9

    This is well written as far as the English goes, far better than much of what you can find in here. The story is fluid and understandable, wih a high variety of rather stereotypical characters.

    The only real issue with the story, is the story itself. All tensions is derived from 1 of 2 points.

    1. The m.c and his stupidity. And this is really big issue. The mMC is constantly making stupid decisions at every turn. Not a single logical choice was made on his part up to chapter 9. 

    2. The world building, leads to a paradoxical loop, that just Cannot work. It defies all logic and creates impossible scenarios, where you cannot truly vanquish a foe, lest you become that foe, and this cycle repeats, forever. There is no end to this cycle, making it heavily contrived. 

    The m.c seems to be a vehicle to explore the world and not a character himself. He is reactionary, and does the bare minimum to continue the story, makes no decision or showcasing any intelligence, beyond grade school level critical thinking. He is constantly in denial, refusing to accept the situation he is in.

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