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/ Series / [Born to Be King] (A Silce of Life, LITRPG)
[Born to Be King] (A Silce of Life, LITRPG)
[Born to Be King] (A Silce of Life, LITRPG)
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I died so she could live… and it brought me the greatest opportunity in the universe. The chance to be a [Hero]. Unfortunately, I believe I bit off more than I can chew.

Season 1 – Lawruthian Imperius Koltius Edryani formally Lawrence Brown was a man who wanted to change the world… Before he died to save the woman he was in love with. Reborn as the Crown Prince of Edryan -- Proclaimed Chosen of Goddess Madris, Lawruthian owes three and a half favors to said Goddess. She may... and will call upon him anytime until these favors are paid in full. Haunted by these divine favors, Lawruthian is thrust into the Prime Plane and does whatever he can to ensure he stays ahead. 

Season 2 – Finally… Lawruthian Edryani has finally understood the weight of his soul. Goddess Madris has tasked Lawruthian with a Journey… a Quest… a Crusade – The War of Unification. Armed with this knowledge and his unlocked system to begin leveling, Lawruthian begins his plans for conquest. Gathering loyal retainers by their willingness to be under his command or not. As he does this, he must first understand the Prime System and what it can do for him. He cannot – no He Will Not Fail. After all... his very soul and existence depend on it.

Season 3 – Lawrence Brown was a man who wanted to change the world... Lawruthian Edryani is a man who wants to conquer it. He has to, no he MUST accomplish this goal as the indifference a ruler must possess settles upon him. A Calamity is coming and Lawruthian is the only one who can stop it. Can’t they SEE? CAN’T. THEY. SEE? When Edryan needs to stand as one nation more than ever why do they stand against him? ...Oh... so that’s it!

This story is posted on Marskidris Patreon, Royal Road, and ScribbleHub. If you see it posted anywhere else then tell my momma I made it.

 © 2024 Marskidris All Rights Reserved.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy Age Progression Army Building Bloodlines Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Cunning Protagonist Elemental Magic Episodic Fantasy Creatures Game Elements Gods Industrialization Kingdom Building Kingdoms Knights Male Protagonist Medieval Nobles Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation Strong to Stronger Time Skip
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    Status: episode 62: same face, different people

    Currently I am 62 chapters in and the novel is exceptional. The world building so far is exceptional. I'm really really looking forward to seeing you continue to write it. Easily better than 99% of the works on this website. Please continue to write it the views will come eventually. 

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