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Disclaimer: This story is intended for adult audiences. You should not read this if you are under the age of eighteen.

“I was born with an extremely prestigious but combat-weak logistics class. As the son of the clan head and the next heir, that just wasn’t enough of an excuse to spare me from my father’s grueling training.

For in his creed the only strength that mattered was that grasped in one’s own two hands.

In my journey through the lands with my harem, I was grateful for his training as it saved my life multiple times when my girls weren’t there to engage in combat.

This is my story.”

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ActionAdultFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Animal Characteristics Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Conspiracies Contracts Demi-Humans Enemies Become Allies First-time Intercourse Forced Marriage Handsome Male Lead Kingdom Building Power Struggle Shapeshifters Transformation Ability
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      Status: v13ch11
      May 3, 2019

      Really great story, the harem part and the characters interaction within are a big part of the story. The world is mainly beast men with some human that can have harem, hence the harem is ''justified'' and not just because hes the main character. Plenty of actions, so its not just an relationship story. The magic/fantasy aspect is fairly simple but complex at the same time with what the characters can do with it. Include some politics in the mix and you have a great story with really good characters development and  a promise of future great events and destiny for the main characters.

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      Status: c200
      Jun 10, 2019

      On Novel,

      The story is well developed. A simple and Original concept, bearing a unique taste to it. The story keeps you hooked and you wouldn't be able to help but look forward to what's about to happen. The lead role has been designed in a fashion that you find it hard to critize him on the actions that he performs. Of course, this shows how able the writer is.

      To Author,

      I like how, unlike some, you don't shy away from writing something Dark or some Adult Passion. Writing must never have boundaries decided by the readers. A writer must always write what he wants to, and how he wants to, without burdening himself with how people would view his work. Success comes along with criticism and some envy as well. Welcome the criticism that would make your work technically better and pay no heed to the negative reviews that target your thoughts rather than the technicality of your work. 

      I really like this project of yours and hope you keep working on it and don't drop it midway. It's rare to find something truly good to read that fits your tastes. Thanks!

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 2: chapter 10
      Jan 31, 2019

      The novel is set in a original and Interesting world, the characters are well defined aswell, the MC is one of the few humans in his monstly beastmen populated world which is not something you find in most novels. As of volume 2 it fills like the story is just beginning and I look forward the next chapters.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c204
      Jun 15, 2019

      A good surprise. It first made me thinks of chinese novels with cultivation but without the usuals cliche. The MC is not invincible from the start or on the way to become invincible with [OP grandpa/hidden legacy/ heaven's luck/etc]. The mains characters are developped and don't become useless when their arc is "over". I feel the balance between the action scenes (which are quite good and gave me a "refreshing" feeling in comparaison of others novels) and the others is correct. Try this novel, it's not a waste of time (or it's a really good way to waste time)

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c198
      May 29, 2019

      Excellent story with excellent world building. A bit cliche tbh but there's a reason why things become cliche in the first place, because they're good. Really liking the story. 

      I really hope the writer doesn't go into a writing block since it's such a common occurance especially in the fantasy genre.

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