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Library of Rain
Library of Rain
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4.7 (66 ratings)
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Those who can’t do, teach.
Failing to save the world, a hero gave their life and memories for the power to change the future. Reborn a young slave girl, Thirty-six sets out to try again. This time, she’s armed with an eldritch library full of skill books. Now, she can raise an army of -m-i-n-i-o-n-s- heroes to save the world. The only price for reading her skill books is a bit of sanity… and possibly humanity. What could go wrong?

Age Progression Aristocracy Books Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Clever Protagonist Conditional Power Contracts Corruption Cunning Protagonist Depression Evil Gods Female Protagonist Hated Protagonist Library Loneliness Mutations Saving the World Scheming Skill Books
Table of Contents 88
  1. Advice2 hours ago
  2. Sister TimeApr 7, 2024
  3. Side Stories 13 & 14Apr 6, 2024
  4. ChoiceApr 5, 2024
  5. Chance?Mar 30, 2024
  6. Dinner for ThreeMar 29, 2024
  7. Side Stories 11 & 12Mar 24, 2024
  8. Guided TourMar 23, 2024
  9. DecisionMar 22, 2024
  10. Peaceful LifeMar 16, 2024
  11. Back to SchoolMar 15, 2024
  12. The UBIMar 9, 2024
  13. Ghost StoriesMar 8, 2024
  14. The End of the BeginningMar 3, 2024
  15. ConsequencesMar 3, 2024
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      Status: Dipping Out

      • Story: 5/5 — Entertaining and makes your imagination runs wild!
      • Pacing: 4/5 — While order and timing of events are very satisfying, the Author skipped some of the details in some events, making the conclusion/progression of the events less impactful.
      • Characters: 4.5/5 — The main characters, as well as other side characters, are well written, but a very small portion of character development seems too fast in my opinion.
      • World-building: 4/5 — A system-fantasy world, which seemed generic, but has unique and interesting twists, not to mention the social and economic aspect of world-building. Nicely done.
      • Grammar: 4.8/5 — Superb!... if you ignore some inconsistencies in some minor characters' names, and weird (stylistic) punctuation for multi-paragraph dialogue. Thus 4.8 instead of 5.

      A must-read for grim/dark/gothic fantasy lover.

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