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The Dragon of Dreams
The Dragon of Dreams
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4.3 (43 ratings)
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*The current cover is a Placeholder until the newly commissioned cover is complete*
This is the story of a college student who was reincarnated as a dragon with a near insatiable curiosity. Sparked by questioning his own reincarnation, he quickly gets lost in the world of magic and science, using a new type of energy known as mana to learn and exploit the inner workings of the world.

Although not his original intention, with the combination of his intelligence and the miracles that occurred to allow his existence, he quickly found himself climbing the mountain of strength as if it were a small hill, and climb to a point that even mighty gods must yield to.


There is mild gore, but there are warnings at the beginning of the chapters it is in! And profanity is 'censored' toward the beginning, but not later in the story.

Tags: Action, Discovery, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Sub Tags: Reincarnation, Magic, Non-Human Lead, (Extremely) OP Protagonist
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ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSci-fiSupernatural
Genetic Modifications Genius Protagonist Gods Handsome Male Lead Magic Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated into Another World
Table of Contents 343
Reviews 5
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 315: thawing a frosted heart

    The story is enjoyable, with an overarching plot that appears to have been plotting out several hundreds of chapters in advance. The main character also grows throughout the story as a character, with even side characters getting fleshed out and developing personalities. The only disappointment I have is with the name of the story The Dragon of Dreams and the fact that the main protagonist is evolving away from a dragon as the story progresses. It's one thing to have a single form take the appearance of a wolf, but as the story progresses even his soul, the core of his existence, resembles more of a wolf than a dragon. It kills the enjoyment of the story, since it feels like reading about a wolf that wears a dragon as clothes. Even though it's a good story, that single blemish ruins it for me. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined.

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    The initial premise of this novel (?) is a bog-standard isekai, but I'm a sucker for dragons and would always give at least a passing glance at any story that promises giant winged saurians. But dragons alone will not make me invested in a story; there needs to be more of a hook/substance for me to read more than a few random pages.

    In the case of The Dragon of Dreams, I did become interested enough to take a closer look. However, I profess that I skimmed a lot of chapters, and outright skipped a fair number more. The reason? The plot is simply spread too thin, like a single glob of jam that's supposed to cover a whole loaf of bread slices.

    The story's stakes are suitably epic, even sweepingly so. But it takes so, so much time to get any meaningful development. 360k words and counting? When is the end coming?? And there are about 80 or so more chapters on the author's Patreon page at the time of this review.

    I get that some people simply like to write and write and write, and figure out their stories as they go. But as a reader, I want to read finished stories, or at least stories with a definitive ending in mind; not necessarily a complete end, but at least a suitable resolution point. That's how book series are made: an overarching story may take thousands of pages to reach its conclusion (The Wheel of Time, The Dresden Files, The Expanse, Malazan Book of the Fallen, etc.), but it is sub-divided into smaller, more granular parts that tie the overall narrative in a linked chain, if for nothing else than to preserve the enjoyment and sanity of the reader. (And to give distinct "memory anchors" for each milestone of the story.)

    The Dragon of Dreams does not employ such standard storytelling methods. Its continuous and relentless flow of chapters is like a highly-functioning stream of consciousness, making the plot too unfocused to follow and to build any appreciative narrative tension and emotional peaks. This central issue is particularly glaring in the first 100 chapters or so; admittedly, the story does become somewhat more coherent in later chapters, but only by so much. As it currently stands, I have no desire to continue reading, not knowing when (if ever) will it end.

    And that's a shame, because I liked TDOD enough to want to learn how Vasilias' story ends, and to see more of the world he has reincarnated into. Despite the rough edges, I found the story resonating with me on a personal level. However, this a clear case where quantity does not equal quality.

    Another major issue is the weird choice of doing multiple POVs in first person. Sure, such a stylistic approach could work, but it'd take a really skilled writer to pull off, because it would require clever usage of descriptors and patterns to keep each internal character voice unique. Otherwise, you get the result on display here - all characters sound the same.

    Also, if the narrative is in first-person POV, why add mental dialogue on top of that? That is simply beyond redundant.

    Other reviewers claim the grammar is at a high level. Well... let's just agree to disagree. The constant usage of the same subset of speech patterns, over-reliance on anime-y onomatopoeias, and poor environmental detailing and scene setting certainly don't help matters either.

    And yet, the author deserves kudos in one regard - their speed of writing, done in a reasonably legible and articulate manner, is fast enough to make even Brandon Sanderson blink.

    But that's not always a good thing, as TDOD's story structure (or lack thereof) demonstrates.

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    Status: chapter 41: a deep discomfort

    As I'm reading this story it has checked my mental boxes for reviews. It has great grammar/wording. It holds my attention well. The length is at a good spot. (Could always go up, but that's....) The characters, to me, are well built also. I think it deserves a 5 star from me 

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    Status: chapter 24: aura control

    I don't mind if his wolf/dragon form is in the story during the prologue but it doesn't exist at all just because of MC's imagination if he is a wolf/dragon I would rather hope his form is not limited to wolf/dragon if it's a dragon that's okay he starts living new as a dragon and also this novel is entitled dragon

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    Status: chapter 200: mindful steps

    This is by far the best main character that is a dragon most other main characters have feelings towards humans but this one sees them as ants also the story is really good the grammar is also really good if you want a really cool main character that's badass and a dragon then this is for you

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