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/ Series / The Supernatural Case of an Accidental Time Traveler
The Supernatural Case of an Accidental Time Traveler
The Supernatural Case of an Accidental Time Traveler
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4.8 (19 ratings)
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After waking up in the past, Lou Barret finds himself entangled with the supernatural. Eventually receiving the help of Scott Langston, a supernatural peacekeeper of sorts, and a witch named Elysif Avian. The three work together to keep the peace between the supernatural creatures of London and humans. Along the way, they search for the truth behind Lou’s ability to travel through time and prevent a masked man from getting his hands on him.

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These are short chapters.
I am not anywhere near a pro-writer. Please understand.
I am currently revising this story so the quality will severely drop after whatever point I am currently at.
If you would like to support me then please hit the TIP button to support my Patreon.
If you have any questions or suggestions please put them in the comments. I will answer as soon as I can.
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    Status: not forgotten – part 016

    The author captured the atmosphere of Victorian London pretty well. It's as if he's been there himself. Giving a vivid accounts of what's happening around it. The characters are believable, and they behaved appropriately in every situation. 

    Overall, a fascinating story. Worthy of getting into trending. Accidental time travel done right. 

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    Status: c6

    As Leti said, author’s captured the atmosphere of Victorian London greatly (even if I’ve only read a few chapters), and the Table seems like something interesting that could be expanded on later. All in all, good story so far, solid 4 from me

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    Status: beginnings – part four

    It is quite the nice story. You have time travel and supernatural elements. An MC that is trying to navigate the time he has been thrown in. Could he be special? Possibly. It is an alternative Earth with magic. The action is based in London and the author has researched it quite a bit. He also knows a lot about accents and the like. 

    The style could use some work, but the grammar is top-notch. The MC is well-tempered and his guide in the new world is an alcoholic... which is normal for guides. (They either smoke or drink in most stories, I don't know why.)  

    Nice read overall. 

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    2 Likes · Like

    All I can say is the story is exactly what I expected. From the cover alone, you can already tell what kind of character the protagonist is going to be. Stoic. Serious. Maybe a bit witty. The author delivers on all fronts. 

    The tone is established from the first few chapters; everything is a bit bleak (it is London after all) and Lou has to deal with what you'd expect from a time traveler. Namely crimes, violence and of course time paradoxes. 

    Definitely a fun read. 

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    Status: war part 28

    As of this review I am up to date but I will do my best to avoid any spoiler.

    Ok take this from a guy who reads a lot and when I mean a lot I mean if I find a book interesting I can go 7-8 hours a day no problem. 

    Needless to say this was surprisingly one of them now let me tell you why. 

    First and foremost the writing is spot on for most if not all of the chapters. I do remember a mistake here and there but forgot which chapter as the story was intriguing.

    Now the story is well how to describe errrmmm oh yeah a time travel mystery done right. Gona say first and foremost that anyone who is new to the genre of time travel will be entertained as it is not as convoluted as most time travel stories are as they seem to get lost in their own set of rules and break them left right and center just to further the narrative. So far can confirm these are some basic yet solid rules. 

    Now the chapters like the description said are not too big, but as an avid reader let me be the first to say that what they lack in useless words count make up for in quality and straight to the point writing. Even the most picky readers can agree that this will satisfy their snobbish needs. 

    The story is set in London which was a turn off for me initially simply cause I used to live in London and looking back god does it remind me of an ant farm but hey that's my preference life in the fast lane isn't for everyone. However it is so well written that I begrudgingly soldiered ahead and got over it. So that alone should speak volumes of how much blast I had reading it.

    Speaking of volume it has quite a few chapters out already and damn is that a plus for me who likes to get lost in a story.

    Story wise asides from solid writing it has decent characters which are explored in enough details which gives them their own unique personality. 

    Over all 5 stars without a doubt as the work which has been put into this amazing piece of literature has forced me to be honest and give it a review as I only see 2 others who feel the same way. 

    Now lastly to anyone who is looking to have a good time make sure give this a try and stick with it as it starts of a little slow but that is much needed for the shenanigans' which are to follow as without a solid foundation no matter the writers skill they will struggle to make anything of value worth reading. 

    Have fun my only regret is that I can not go on this journey with you once again from the start without knowing what I know now. 

    Have a blast visiting the past 

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    Status: beginnings – part eighty-seven

    The first few chapters had me hooked. After that the writing went downhill for a good ten chapters but I pushed through it and it got significantly better. The story is rather Interesting and the characters each have their own defined personalities. The magic system in this story is far more methodical from what I've read than a lot of other stories, giving it it's own style.

    Definitely a good read and worth your time but wasn’t what I was expecting.

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    Status: thank you

    • So I'm going to split this review into two perspectives, one as a reader and one as a writer. since I'm writing this from a browser that won't let me make paragraphs I'll have to use the bullet points to separate what I want to say
    • As a Writer - There is a lot to like about the story. The characters are consistent, Lou's voice is consistent and he explains everything almost the same way throughout the story. The story goes to a few points in history, goes into supernatural creatures (brief explanations) and dialogue is quite consistent representing each character. There was a lot of work and thought going into subtle details you can find in many chapters throughout the story including one about "soup" in one of the later chapters. There is attention to detail about previous myths, use of familiar names and incorporation of real world inspiration through the characters. Also there are a few twists on who one would expect to be good and who one would expect to be bad but there are logical explanations behind them.
    • As a Reader - The Author already understood that this wasn't the Genre I prefer to read, and I've also read his other works as well. The newer novels do fix some of the things I'm going to talk about here. First of all... the characters are consistent but a lot of them lack charisma. By the time I got to chapter 50 I was already bored of Lou's voice. This might just be a preference as a reader rather than a hard rule because I know other readers might like this kind of character, but the way he goes about explaining how everything happens, his thought process (which is verbose and wordy) often feels like what should be read in 3 seconds is often read in 10 seconds. It increases the time in between when the plot should move forward, and since I didn't really feel much attachment to Lou himself it was hard to constantly read his narration of events. The (2) part is that the action scenes are not exactly done in a way that improves tenseness. The best emotion the story can invoke is one of annoyance, that is you can feel annoyance when the characters do, but other emotions like anger, happiness, disgust are less apparent. It could be the use of specific words that don't evoke that connotation... or it could be something else I'm not seeing. This made reading the story for me more of a chore since it didn't often provoke an emotional response although the story was technically correct. (This is also just my opinion and there are others who will see it differently).
    • Overall 5 stars. Because I liked the story more than I disliked and I don't post anything less than 5 unless asked for it. It's still a good story to read and there is a lot of interesting tidbits here and there the author puts in through his research. 

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