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/ Series / Son of the Gods [Sword and Sorcery Demigod Adventure]
Son of the Gods [Sword and Sorcery Demigod Adventure]
Son of the Gods [Sword and Sorcery Demigod Adventure]
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The children of gods are blessed with many things, but the attention is not always welcome…

Dyonaigus is the son of the god of wine and madness, growing up with a peaceful life within the still-standing Emoran Republic. But a governor’s machinations forces him out of his home with one wish from his mother: to explore the world and to live.

Joining up with an eclectic mix of adventurers – a hedonistic young noble, a mysterious and angsty vampire, an experienced mercenary from far-off lands, and a nervous changeling – Dyonaigus sets out to explore the tumultuous world of nobles, bandits, gods, and his own powers.

But before they even get out of the republic, the first obstacle presents itself. A bandit knight clad in all black armour threatening the changeling’s home village, and Dyo can’t help but be reminded of his. Unable to leave it to ruin, their first test as a motley adventurer gang is to defeat this dark bandit and his gang. Outnumbered and nowhere near their full potential…

What To Expect:

-A series of adventures in arcs with continuous development

-A large cast of characters with plenty of time with them

-Realistic action with plenty of weapon variety

-Powerful MC who discovers more powers with the story

-LGBTQ+ characters

-Vampires, Demigods, Inquisitors oh my!

-Medieval Romans and multiple pantheons?

Regular releases till reaching the RR chapter point

Cover art by @erabu-san

This series is only available on Royal Road and Scribblehub by WhiteRose-BlueSpace

Adventurers Bisexual Protagonist Boy's Love Subplot European Ambience Folklore Friendship Godly Powers Gods Handsome Male Lead Kingdoms Magic Mythical Beasts Mythology Nobles Protagonist Strong from the Start Special Abilities Sword And Magic Teamwork Vampires Witches Wizards
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Table of Contents
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