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Calamity Mandate
Calamity Mandate
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4.7 (30 ratings)
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Beneath the peaceful surface of a nation, a conflict between royal factions and secret organizations is coming to a boil. Drawing upon esoteric energies, those with Exalted powers rule supreme as they fight to shape the world in their vision.

Yuzu, a simple shopkeeper's daughter finds herself in possession of a mysterious ornate chest that has the power to manipulate destiny. Her normal life in an alternate Victorian era changes dramatically as she gets plunged deep into a dangerous, mystical world filled with secret rituals, horrifying monsters and ancient gods.

Follow Yuzu as she entangles herself in the threads of fate to save her friends and family from the dark forces rising from the depths. She must develop her powers as an Exalted, find allies and unravel the mysteries that govern the course of history.

The delicate balance that holds the nation in check has already been disrupted. How far will those ripples spread?

- Author's Note -

The first trilogy is finished, and book four is under way! Please enjoy!

Update Schedule: Chapter release every Wednesday and Sunday at 5PM PST (8PM EST)

If you like the story and want to hang out, check out the Discord!

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Alchemy Character Growth Conspiracies Demi-Humans Destiny Divination Evil Gods Evil Organizations Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Precognition Reluctant Protagonist Secret Organizations Slow Growth at Start Special Abilities Spirits Weak to Strong Xianxia
Table of Contents 352
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 30 - earnest plea

    This book has been extremely gripping from the very beginning. I finish reading each chapter wanting to read more. I am recommending all my friends to read it, because I am so excited to talk about it with other people!

    All of the characters have their own personalities, and their traits are revealed through their actions, not just by saying their qualities (ie. "So and so is a kind, gentle person".) This makes the characters very dynamic and interesting, as more aspects of them are revealed as they are presented with different challenges. The characters are also realistic, some are more likable than others, and they each have their quirks and limitations which add to the depth of their personalities.

    The story is written from numerous perspectives, which is a difficult task to do as an author, but this book shifts from each perspective so seamlessly. Even though scenes shift between each different character, it is written in a way in which it is easy to follow and cohesive with the main story line.

    The first action scene of the novel blew me away! It was written extremely well. I had to reread it a second time to gain full appreciation of the writing skills, because it was just so exciting when I was reading it the first time I knew I had missed so many details by reading it so fast. It's amazing that this author has such an imagination and is able to convey it through words so well. Reading this chapter was as if I was watching a movie - not only was the action in the scene depicted - the mood, the emotions, the whole package was all there. It was as if I was there in the actual scene of the action. This chapter really showcased the high level of the author's writing capabilities, and made me even more excited to read future chapters where there would be more jam-packed action.

    Overall, my impression of this book has been extremely high. I can't really think of any constructive criticism to give to the author other than they release it too slow! It really is publishable work, and I would highly recommend this book!

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    Status: chapter 63 – meeting of the chiefs

    Ok so this is my first review of a story on this site and I don't have some in depth analysis if why this story is great. But it is just one if those story’s  that sucks you in and suddenly its 5am and you just binged the while thing. You just cant help but like the characters and world the author has created here.

    Honestly this story just has me waiting for every new chapter and I cant recommend it enough.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 4 – hakuya’s concoction

    This book has started off exceptionally. I'm excited to read more - the quality of the writing is very high and there seems to be a lot of depth to the world. At first glance it's easily at the level of a publishable novel, so I look forward to reading more chapters as it comes out!

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    Status: chapter 227 – threat of death

    Currently at the end of Book 3, and this is one of the best webnovels I've ever read.

    The world building seen here is amazing, and clearly has a lot of planning put into it. There is a lot of lore behind every person and place, with small bits of information building up over time to create an entertaining and hooking experience. The characters will easily draw you in, each with their own unique sets of flaws that the author plays into often, making them seem more realistic than the typical power fantasy main characters. Of course, character flaws can be frustrating, as you wish they'd make the logical choice, however, these choices are planned perfectly and always fit with the established ideals of the characters.

    One thing that sets this story apart from many others is the use of multiple POVs, often switching every 2-3 chapters. This builds up tension, while also making sure to not keep you waiting for too long before it returns to each character's POV. I have heard people complain about multiple POVs before, as they can be confusing with the simultaneous timelines, however, the author has done a great job of managing the timelines by referencing other events that are happening, ensuring the reader knows when events occur.

    The power system is fairly unique, and learning more about it with the characters as the story progresses makes it very engaging.

    The distinctly built cultures of each place and era in the world and its history are very fun to learn about. This often happens through info dumps, which many people dislike, though I believe the author has made them very interesting, and I haven't yet read a boring chapter.

    The action scenes are well written, never seeming particularly imbalanced in the protagonists' favour. If you're here for flashy shows of power where the protagonists destroy any enemies, this is not the novel for you. The fights are often slow and calculated, with the occasional burst of intense action, where you have no idea which way it will go. The use of each character's abilities makes fights unpredictable, especially with the nature of Yuzu's powers, and those that counteract it.

    Overall, Calamity Mandate is a brilliant read, and it will keep you engaged during every chapter you read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes stories where the plot doesn't always go how you or the main characters expect it to, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Every action in this novel has a consequence, whether immediate or drawn out, many of which are very surprising. The Threads of Fate move in unpredictable ways, after all.

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    2 Likes · Like

    I cant say I like the mutiple pov aspect, does it keep happening a lot or is it toned down at all later in? I dont want to read to far because I hate being dissapointed by this type of thing someone plz tell me.

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    Status: chapter 36 – noodle shop

    Solid story, deep and interesting characters, great word building... great secretive love story of Yuchar. Tons of mystical twists and turns. Great work overall ? 

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    Status: c4

    So far I've only read four chapters but I love the story so far. The writing is descriptive and detailed without being too flowery.  I also like how there's a good proportion of description and dialogue because some stories read more like a film script and this definitely doesn't

    I love the worldbuilding in this story. It kind of reminds of the manga Hunter X Hunter  since there's detailed descriptions of different locations, items, cultures, economies and lore. One of my favourite part of the first chapter was the intricate description of the currency of bells and leaves. This creates a really rich and established world similar to that of George R R Martin's A SOng of Ice and Fire series.

    The characters are great too and they have great dynamic and chemistry together. My favourite character is Xiang and love his dialogue with Yuzu. It's obvious that the characters are fully fleshed out and all of their traits and quirks are thought off instead of them being props to move the story along. 

    Since I'm only on chapter 4, I could tell that the first couple of chapters are there to introduce the really likeable characters and to establish character relationships. It has more a slice of life feel to it like Jojo's Bizarre Adventures part 4.

    I'll continue reading this amazing story but so far I am impressed by it and enthralled by the world and the characters.

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