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Herik Wagner von Harburg had sworn his life to the service of the Crown... Until he was betrayed.

Framed for a crime he did not commit, robbed of his name, his status, and even his very body, he must now endure constant humiliation in a new, unknown role.

Will he find a way to make things go back to the way they were?

Will she want to?

Author's note: as a general heads up, this story is intended for mature audiences, and will contain instances of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; whenever a chapter merits a specific content warning, I will put one up.

DramaFantasyGender BenderPsychological
Abusive Characters Appearance Changes Arrogant Characters Betrayal Determined Protagonist Different Social Status European Ambience Fallen Nobility Knights Magic Male to Female Medieval Nobles Nudity Rape Stoic Characters Wizards
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Table of Contents
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    Status: epilogue: the unbroken

    It's a very well written story, with believeable and likeable characters, each of whom are distinct from one another, and charming in their own right.


    I do wish the author had focused more on the main character's decision to abide by his oath. It's evident the MC feels bound by their honor... but the degree that they restrict themselves feels almost unbelievable. Even by the end, they only allow themselves to do the right thing because the oath on them is released (an external factor) which... doesn't necessarily show the growth i'd hoped for.

    I think I would have appreciated it more if a more concrete reason had been given for their insistence (even a monologue about how their oath plays a part of their identity would have worked), or if they had more self-growth.

    All this said, I did give this story 5 stars because I love how it's written


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    Lots of heavy topics and lots of self reflection by the main lead. It was well written and the characters were properly fleshed out. Thumbs up to the author.

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    Status: epilogue: the unbroken

    reader engagement: 5 stars

    writing quality: 4 stars

    plot/characters: 2 stars

    world/politic: 1 star

    "fun and shallow. michael bay's transformers"


    review: my rant


    this story.... really hold together because of how author's superb writting quality. but the content itself... a hentai plot. shallow characters and sadistic actions.

    the protagenist..... passive as f**k. she doesn't do anything on her own really. take lot of break in from "good guys" and constant conditioning (can be considered brainwashing from my opinion) from "good guys".

    her childish planning. her petty revenge. and she doesn't change the system in any meaningful way. she know how unfair it is to commoners. yet only thing she can came up with after experience all that is slightly change knight's oath?

    and the poppulation. the peasents that got beheaded. her allies in palace.

    from what I read. no one matter. she is cold calculate ruler whose "serve her kingdom". I can already imagine she kick them out if they become useless. and cites "my duty to the throne" with straight face.


    here's idea for alternative ending: sylvie become protaganist midway


    erica is useless. she become pregnent and gone mad.

    everybody give up on her. sylvie disapointed and swayed erica's allies to her.

    civil war. revolution.

    sylvie become face of revolution. condemmed all royals to dead by stoned.

    she and her cohorts set up new system that's not absolute monarch. noble coucil? republic? democratic? communist? anything will definitely better than bloodline dictatorship.

    the mage has sadistic tendency but he's loyal and doesn't actually go out of his way to hurt someone without commands. that might be his coping mechanism. stop him from mental breakdown. with things he commaned to do.

    redeemed him. let's him reseach on old magic rune. magic lock on that sword that can be reconfig with user's words. the ritual that change user's body. implications are huge and can have positive affects an many fields.. civil, medical, military, politic. that stalling warfront can be fixed.

    this way. they story will have both decent storyline and good sadistic hentai.


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