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/ Series / Nanashi — The Nameless Conceptual’s Tale
Nanashi — The Nameless Conceptual’s Tale
Nanashi — The Nameless Conceptual’s Tale
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3.7 (7 ratings)
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A boy that gave up.
A boy that desperately clung to his beliefs.
And a boy that fought back.

This is the tale of one boy with a fucked up life. When he thought life turned for the better he made the crucial mistake of letting his guard down.

“Sorry for getting killed! Nyahahaha! Live your life ‘kay nya?”

Now this boy is solely moving for revenge.
But revenge is tiresome, exhaustive and can even cause one to be devoured by it.

Watch as he meets his Loli heroine when he is kicked out of the [Spirit World] because of The 14 Deadly Sins & Heavenly Virtues.

As of now —
This is a Slice of Life where the MC tries to keep his emotions in check in order to not die.
A story where the heroine will suffer from the MC’s spartan teaching methods.
A story with ecchi and smut (explicit sex scenes) among almost every pair of characters.
Is that all there is to it??


Please read to find out. Thank you.

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