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Core .001
Core .001
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This is a story of Shiro, a 12 year old girl who wished to adventure around the world. Only to end up in an untimely death. When she wakes up, she finds herself in what seems to be a new world, and her body has changed to that of a catkin. Using her knowledge from knowing literature of people in similar situations and adventuring, she tries to make a place for herself in this new world. Only to find out that reality is far crueler than one would imagine. Even with what one would call an OP unique skill and other OP advantages, she finds things quickly fall apart regardless how hard she tries. Thus she seeks more and more power to not only survive, but to protect what is important to her.

Unbeknownst to her though, lies within her an ancient power time primordial. A power so vast it can bring anything to its knees. This ancient power can easily be unlocked with just one sentence, but this sentence shall never be spoken. Instead, Shiro will embark on a new path to gaining a new different kind of power as she moves forward in this new world.

WARNING: The first few volumes will have tragedy, which will disappear at around Volume 5 or 6. From then on it will be just pure OP-ness and having fun.

While I personally like OP characters and don’t like tragedies myself, I think it is unrealistic that a person goes to an unknown and everything just magically go their way via plot armor. So I wanted to build up a more realistic OP reincarnation novel where MC struggles through a new world regardless of their advantages due to gaps in knowledge (despite how prepared she was) and simply not having enough strength at the time.


This is my first poor attempt at a story. I read a lot of novels overall and was in the mood to see how well I can write one. Expect a lot of mistakes here and there as I am pretty new to writing.

Releases should be about 2 times a week(changed due to chapter size pretty much doubling) unless stated otherwise or inbetween volumes.

I will at least commit to finishing the volume I am on (Nothing worse than a story being cut off mid story).

So give me your comments what you think. I don’t mind if the comments are bad and etc. Just lay off the grammar nazi (My only weakness...)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiLitRPGPsychologicalSlice of LifeTragedy
Ability Steal Beastkin Blacksmith Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Cowardly Protagonist Crafting Cruel Characters Cute Protagonist Determined Protagonist Discrimination Eye Powers Fantasy World Fast Learner Female Protagonist Game Elements Humanoid Protagonist Level System Magic Naive Protagonist Reincarnated into a Game World Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World Transported into Another World
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      Status: volume 03
      Feb 11, 2019

      Decided to read the other chapters on Royal Road. Me gusta. While the rest of the chapters aren't posted yet, I'm looking forward to seeing where this story is going. Hopefully, we'll see some very interesting things happening soon.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 01: walking out of the...
      Jan 3, 2019

      Not good with words so I'll just say that I like it and it's a great story to read.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 03 (royal road)
      Mar 13, 2019

      I'm usually not a person that usually write reviews but, I feel like I can't really stop myself to write because of all positive and negative things that make me feel. It's only my personal opinion so, I hope people that read this review this take it with a grain of salt.

      Short version: It's a very well done story please read it if you enjoy some realistic tragedy, Isekai, and slice of life.

      Long version:

      Let's start with the world building, overall it's a pretty decent world building with a lot of detail and mystery air to it, it's kind of boring at times but, I still enjoy the lore that has been given. We don't know much what actually happened that makes Shiro end up in this predicament, but it had some kind of dreadful feeling to it. You will find some hints through the story that makes you think that some things aren't quite right with the protagonist's conditions.

      So the story oh boy, the story, it's very excellent, the portrait of discrimination and bullying pretty much feel a bit too real for me, I can't tell you how much time I have been screwed over like her in the past, and it brings back some bad memories with it. I just want her to be happy goddammit! She certainly deserves every single happiness that she's trying to procure. Well, the author said the tragedy will subside at vol 5 or 6 so, I'm still groaning in pain until it was finally published.

      BUT, because of that every time we see her happy with her life and generally having fun, you can't help but, think of how will the world screw her over this time? It's a never-ending murphy's law, it always pains me to see her take the blame for things that she has no control over. Come on man, she's like 12, I feel like she's should be a bit older than that to be able to bare all the pain that she been through. 

      The crafting mechanic was great, there isn't much boring detail to skim over, having the putting your heart and soul to an object to make it overall better, is a nice touch since I think every creator of any kind can relate to such mechanic. It has some consequence of course, and you know it will bite the protagonist on the back sooner or later.

      To summarise it's like you're watching a horror movie. You can't help to voice scream of concerns on some decisions that she makes, well, she's 12 so, it makes sense she have some naive side of her. But, as a fellow coward, I feel like she should be even more sensitive to her surroundings. She will pretty much be a hard boil protagonist at the later volumes if this keeps up since everything wants to screw her over. 

      Well, it's the author's intentions to write this realistic story and make me feel like a gooey mess, so good job author for making feel like crap in a good way, I can't wait until it finally reaches volume 5-6.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 3
      Dec 1, 2020

      Good but on hiatus. Author has confirmed they will eventually return

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 03
      Aug 18, 2019

      This is by far one of the best isekai novels I've had the pleasure of reading. The story walks a fine line where the MC is reasonably clever for their age, is not all boringly overpowered nor does it turn into torture porn tragedy.

      You may see some attempts at presenting an interesting crafting system in other novels, but I've yet to see anything come close to how good this is.

      In the end, it looks like the author started second-guessing himself all the time and rewrote things to the point where he gave up. Truly a pity as he had done a pretty great job till then. It's not like having an infodump here and there will suddenly turn a story into trash so long as the frequency is kept moderate.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 02: you are the only...
      May 13, 2019

      Amazing! I expecially love how the protagonist loves developing certian skills like a real person that enjoys doing certian things.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: volume 01: walking out of the...
      Jan 4, 2019

      The story is cool, continue like this. 

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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