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Oracle of Tao
Oracle of Tao
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"In Earth's distant future, most of its religions known today decline or change. As a result of this spiritual upheaval, the barrier between the spiritual world and the physical one falter, and ghouls and demons are loosed upon the earth. Ultimately, most of these are resealed by the new religions, but one such demon named Belial, requires nothing short of sealing by angels to put back to rest. Thousands of years later, a beggar named Ambrosia Brahmin picks herself off the street only to be sent on a fetch quest by God, joined by swordsman, a shaman, a thief, a druid, an exorcist, an angel, and a demon. Meanwhile, the demon from eons before, sealed in a jar, is slowly being unsealed by a duped wizard, given false promises of rewards that await him..."

This book has already been published on Amazon KDP (but due to screwed up stuff, the Kindle version and the Paperbook version are not on the same page). It was originally developed as video game on RpgMaker 2003, and I still occasionally add things to it.

ComedyFantasyMartial ArtsRomanceSmut
Angels Based on a Video Game Coming of Age Conspiracies Cross-dressing Demons Druids Easy Going Life Elves Enemies Become Allies Family Farming Heaven Hell Immortals Philosophical Politics Post-apocalyptic Religions
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 1

    This has to be a parody...

    Real story: I received a brain aneurysm after reading just one chapter of this thing.

    Now instead of telling you that you shouldn't read this, I'm just going to provide some quotes from the first chapter so you don't have to waste those few minutes of your life.

    To get you up to speed, the first chapter introduces us to Ambrosia, one of this trilogy's characters, if not the main character. After that, she randomly gets gold while begging, and a few seconds later she already has an intervention with god where he marks her with a yin-yang-diagram.

    Afterward though is where it gets really weird, the author just goes on random tangents about medicine and insurance, which don't seem to have any relation with the story or the world. Furthermore, it isn't marked as Ambrosia's delusions or exposition about the rules of fantasyland, meaning it could only be the author's self-insert thoughts disguised as exposition.

    For example:

    But as belief in faith healing faded, along came the so-called "modern" medical era where the medical symbol (Rod of Asclepius) was confused with the commerce/thieves symbol (Caduceus), where one of these things had too many snakes. And it showed.

    Huh? Is the author trying to set up some ancient shadow organization?

    Back in those days (21st Century I guess) , treating just the symptoms was the norm and research was the exception, and doctors would actually be punished for doing their own research,

    Huh??? We're talking about "modern" medicine, right? Not the middle ages where healers, medical practitioners, and scholars with more advanced knowledge than the church were hanged for being "witches".often losing licensing for questioning established dogma. For example, regarding cancer treatment, actual studies showed that immunosuppressants worsen cancer because cancer was a failing immune system. So while they could have treated people with immunotherapy, or used a diet approach (using herbs like ginger, raw garlic, cayenne pepper, basil, and turmeric as well as foods with antioxidant or probiotic properties like fresh vegetables, fish, milk/cheese/yogurt, and fresh fruit; all that and lowering sugar and radiated/burnt/processed foods),

    Okay nope, it's just a pseudo-scientific rant. Watch out, everybody, author has discovered a cure for cancer. Why does author include that much detail?? Do they really think that?

    they instead prescribed three major treatments that were counterproductive and heavily suppressed other treatments. Despite the fact that radiation caused cancer, despite the fact that chemotherapy suppressed the immune system, and despite that all but the least invasive surgery made the body weaker, they went ahead and prescribed these treatments.

    Gross oversimplification but believable, if you're also willing to believe that 60% of all humans are idiots. Why do you think we use chemotherapy if it is harmful to the immune system and health?????? Maybe because there's something more important to gain??? Maybe because the only treatment we have for cancer is the equivalent of a medical nuke??? Hey everybody look, Author has found a cure for cancer, just eat ginger lmao.

    The medical system collapsed once people began to learn that roughly 75% of these same doctors would not do this on themselves.

    Why hasn't it already collapsed if it was that bad, why did it persist that long if it was based on lies and deception???? This doesn't even make sense if we want to believe that this is part of the story and not the true thoughts of the author.

    And then there was insurance. Insurance normally worked but when medical insurance became mandated, it screwed with supply and demand. When everyone was made to buy it, people who never went to the doctor balked at the idea of paying expensive insurance because of people who smoked all the time. Nowadays, medical insurance doesn't exist, having been replaced by barter and sliding-scale pricing.

    Yeah, lmao that's how profit-maximizing insurance companies ruined society, surely... because it screwed with supply and demand... I'm sorry, I can't take this, this is to stupid to be a joke.

    Thankfully, we don't have these problems anymore. Today's view of things is that all disease is caused by imbalance in the body or spirit, such as lack of rest, starvation, or overeating. So while germs are a thing, everyone knows you can't get sick unless you are already less than whole. It also means that the average person knows and practices good health habits. This is why even though I did not know much about a lot of things, everyone with basic education at least knew about this stuff. Medicine nowadays also has no side effects, because its motto is "If Doing Something Would Harm, First Do Nothing." They have three effective systems: applied organics (herbalism), symbolic medicine, and unified faith theory.

    The only explanation for author to write this is that they are delusional and believe in conspiracy theories.

    After that, they go on and explain the magic system focused on belief, which I'm not going to talk about the validity, because it's obviously a magic system and not to be taken for real, this though... the only reason why I would believe a real human wrote that is that they are a schizo because it would make even less sense as fantasy exposition.

    Also, another paragraph that doesn't make sense:

    Every now and then, a person would try to sneak by without paying, and the female soldier would casually cut them apart with the sword. As I came close enough to hear, the soldier said to a person ahead of me, "That will be 350 Gold." I realized that all of my banking and spending, I was now 108 Gold short. If I didn't get out of the line, I too would be turned to ribbons. I tried to back out, but people behind me grabbed me and shoved me back in line, crying, "No cutting!"

    Leaving the line isn't cutting... author has to have a loose grasp on reality.

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