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/ Series / Performative Masculinity
Performative Masculinity
Performative Masculinity
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Emily has a pretty normal life: go to school, study, beat up the bullies who try to start shit, go home, spend time with family. Nothing out of the ordinary here, at all. Not even the fact that she's a closeted trans girl who is biding her time until she can come out to the world and live her life openly.

A chance encounter with a boy from her school, however, changes all that.

Updates Fridays. With many thanks to TrismegistusShandy for invaluable editing, and to the members of the Writing Lair for comments and suggestions.

Also a huge thank you to my Patrons! Check out my Patreon for previews of chapters to come, and for exclusive content:

Gender BenderRomanceSchool Life
Arrogant Characters Bullying Couple Growth Delinquents Doting Parents Familial Love Female Protagonist Female to Male Friendship Male to Female Modern Day Siblings Transgender
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    So, I just wanted to say after reading this that this is one of the few trans slice of life stories I've read that manages to:

    Have a good plot

    Have the last minute reveal be used later in the story

    Have good representation of trans men

    Have a love dynamic that works out in a way that's not necessarily "meant to be" but still fits very, very well

    Keep me reading until the very last chapter

    Thank you, Zoe, for writing this lovely story. Excited to see what you write in the future.

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    Status: epilogue

    really good trans love story, and I love the chemistry between the two main characters

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