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Nuwa System
Nuwa System
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4.4 (35 ratings)
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Join Nuwa as she travels the realms collecting sexual fluid on her path to become a Goddess of Sex! Expect smut, action, love, and drama. This is a hardcore novel with dark themes. There will be psychological and philosophical problems that Nuwa will have to overcome. Be very open-minded!

First arc: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Second arc: Hades (Supergiant Games) / Naruto

Disclaimer: I have no claim of ownership over anything in the story except my MC. There will be other OCs, but I don't care to claim them.
Trigger warnings: There is occasional rape. There is a descriptive torture and death scene.

P.S. This is my first work as an author. The quality should go up as you read through it. I'm writing this fan-fic for my own fun and writing practice :)

Nuwa System baby server - - to contact me, hop on the fan train, give suggestions, make requests, swap dirty pics, etc.

AdultComedyDramaEcchiFanfictionGender BenderMaturePsychologicalSmut
Avatar Hades Naruto
Charismatic Protagonist Comedic Undertone Confident Protagonist Couple Growth Cultivation Dao Comprehension Exhibitionism Female Protagonist First-time Intercourse Futanari Heartwarming Manipulative Characters Nudity Outdoor Intercourse Perverted Protagonist Philosophical Pregnancy Proactive Protagonist R-18 Rape Reincarnation Reverse Rape Scheming Seduction Shameless Protagonist
Table of Contents 182
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c113

    Well, this novel has a lot of smut. There are good points and bad points let me tell you my opinion:Bad points

    • If you are impatient the MC extremly rational mind will bother you, specially when it comes to the "Love" or romantic aspect of the story. This will cause Angst in the chapters 40~60
    • The MC is manipulative somentimes unconciously somentimes willingly.
    • The plot advances slow in the general sense. (MC is supposed to go to a lot of worlds yet we are only in the first one and it doesn't seem to be ending soon)

    Good points

    • The devolpment of characters is very well done, there are heartbreaks, moments when they doubt themselves and when they change their ideology to grow their persona.
    • The fight are well done and they are entertaining
    • There is a lot of smut (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Although you know a lot, there are things that are kept a mystery and hooks you up nicely.
    • Have I say that there is a lot of good smut?
    • The update speed is very good.

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    Status: c0

    It's amazing how two people can read the same thing and have completely different opinions. The protagonist is a air-headed slut. Manipulative? Maybe, but only by mistake. The plot does advance slowly. The few fights I've seen are nothing to brag about. The smut is... Good I suppose. 

    It was just too boring for me 

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