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/ Series / Singer Sailor Merchant Mage – Litrpg Progression – from the very beginning
Singer Sailor Merchant Mage – Litrpg Progression – from the very beginning
Singer Sailor Merchant Mage – Litrpg Progression – from the very beginning
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4.6 (106 ratings)
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Jack Smith’s life ended rather abruptly. Spinning out on ice while driving a truck was not the most magnificent method to depart this earth. A mediocre man he had led an ordinary life until his death. Now with a second chance at life, he decided that this time he would be exceptional. This time he would finally live up to his name. After all, a jack of all trades is a master of none but ultimately better than one.

Armed with a system and determination to do his best he sets out like any other reincarnated soul in another world to find his place and achieve great things. There is just one small problem with getting started in this endeavour . . . he is yet to be born!

Welcome to a progression fantasy with a twist. What might you be able to achieve if your race to the top began before your body had even been born?

Join our hero as he masters the language, magics and skills of the Compass Kingdoms but his first great challenge will be learning to walk once more.

. . . .

Warning 1: Be prepared for the MC to spend an entire book's worth of words and time as an infant but hopefully you will enjoy it nevertheless.

Warning 2: Grandfather is legally abusive to MC for a couple of chapters but he is removed from that situation around chapter 30. To be edited out some time in the future.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsMysterySlice of Life
Animal Characteristics Appearance Different from Actual Age Aristocracy Assassins Bookworm Cautious Protagonist Child Protagonist Dragons Farming Fast Learner Genius Protagonist Hidden Abilities Magic Merchants Modern Knowledge Mysterious Family Background Nobles Previous Life Talent Secrets Servants Slow Growth at Start Strength-based Social Hierarchy Time Skip Wealthy Characters Wizards
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    Status: c93

    I want to like this story but I struggle with the realism factor. As with most stories about individuals who have reincarnated into a fantastical new world the novel fails to balance the MC's perspective from having lived another life to that of their new one.

    The magic system is nothing new but has an interesting flavour and I appreciate the relatively well-established politics of the world. Most of my frustration lies in the fact that I am not convinced that this world exists/could exist given what has been written. Additionally, the story lost its momentum after the birth of the main character, ironically... He transitioned from an adult with a developed consciousness while in the womb, to the worst sort of hybrid adult/child, basically a fool who thinks he is too clever to learn how things should work in the new world all the while repeatedly getting smacked in the face by his own stupidity. Continuing to do so on loop for the 100 chapters it's taken for him to age 2 years.

    I'd give this a 3.5/5 if not for the boredom and ridiculous MC, there are things to appreciate here

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    Status: c37

    Really interesting story. Even when inside the womb alone, it is interesting. 

    The world looks more complex and well constructed then a simple clichés litrpg.

    Looking forward to further chapters 

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    Status: c179

    Quality-okay writing, it's decent despite some inconsistencies and some references that at least I had a hard time understanding.

    Story Development - here is where the problem begins, the protagonist is stupid, I wouldn't say lazy but he had time and experience to understand that he needs to train harder and harder, which he doesn't do, for some reason the author insists on sharing time and The protagonist's attention to many things at the same time, which makes no sense, and so much ability that you read it only once and then it gets so boring that you just ignore everything related to the abilities, there's even a barrier system every x levels, but it's a lot badly made and is randomly broken when convenient or when the MC discovers something about the skill (which doesn't actually change the skill), the system is annoying and intrusive it leaves no room for the MC to actually train the skill it's just one lot of repetition until you reach the barrier and then wait for her to randomly pass the barrier. The author also doesn't want the MC to have less than everything, literally he finds an excuse (excuse that only makes the system more intrusive) to give the characteristics of all races to him and that of course makes almost no difference until that moment in the history, everything happens in a convenient and easy way for the MC (I won't comment that in addition to all the advantages/support he gets, he is born with the ability to acquire skills much faster).

    Character Design-I'll make a short list:

    mc-character with all possible advantages with good tutors who by deliberately trying to learn to do everything at the same time only stands out for being the MC, he likes to keep secrets which I find very interesting but at every opportunity he talks the most part of him and apparently only he can't have secrets because it's always a huge scene when he reveals (and making it clear he could just refuse to talk but he doesn't) even stupid secrets he keeps just to reveal later the sh*t he could have been avoided (example of the psi that he doesn't develop anything in several years because he wants to keep it a secret for no reason, that's why I say he's stupid).

    mc's sister - wants to be a successful merchant (there's no basis/reason for that but ok everyone can dream), again it shows mc's division of focus that despite doing much more than his sister he is superior in many ways the things she does too.

    mother of the mc-protective in a stupid way, she insists on not letting her son evolve despite it being clear that he needs to get stronger she is always a barrier (very weak in fact since she is easily convinced she just delays things in a way unnecessarily boring) and a so-so mage and likes to sing/craft.

    father of mc-this one I don't say he's stupid in fact he has an emotional intelligence and analyzes the reality in which they are very well he is the pillar of the family and he keeps everything well together, I don't think the family would be united without him the overly dramatic mother would be very hurt by her son's and grandfather's lies (she clearly holds a lot of grudge against her father) I don't think she would be able to give her daughter the attention she needs while having the guilt of almost killing the MC, and MC wouldn't be so involved with his family if it weren't for this attachment he has with his father, he's the best character in the novel by far.

    family protector mc's grandfather (not by choice), he could teach MC a lot more but he's stopped by his mother and that's it, despite having a lot of screen time he doesn't change much besides being a grumpy and boring old man who in the truth loves the family

    mentor-she is an elf and insists on dividing their time into dozens of different disciplines daily, and breaks the non-disclosure agreement a few chapters after signing it, also has a telephone prototype that works on the island (it is only shown once then it's gone), I almost forgot about the super convenient potion of growth that doesn't make any sense, elves can afford to grow slowly they have adults to defend them and time to become stronger than the rest of the world even in smaller numbers no there's why they make a potion to accelerate growth in addition to serving the MC.

    cat man (I don't remember his name and he doesn't go much further than that) - teaches how to fight with weapons, he barely has speech and development for him so far.

    priest-teaches to heal.

    World Background-it is interesting at the same time as limited, each race is called noble and has one of the characteristics that sums them up too much, elves in addition to living a long time are beautiful, good with magic and agile but what defines them is only longevity, dwarves are resistant strong and have a great dexterity to create their weapons but what defines them is just the dexterity and the other races the same thing.

    the novel is not bad, but it will receive a 3 because of the boring system and the dumb and unwilling MC.

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    Status: chapter 148: home sweet home

    What a banger this book... 5/5. One of the best litrpg I have ever read 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 115: panem et circenses

    An interesting take on genre. Rather than focus on MC opness, it focuses more around rise of his family on the far away island. There are not that many info dumps thanks to relative isolatiion. This is more a story for a slow kingdom buildung and crafting empire than combat one. Overall if you enjoy MC who tries his hand in everything, then this is a pretty decent story. 

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    Status: chapter 114: too much to do...

    this novel is one of my three favorites on this site 

    protagonist is not stupid interesting characters world built so far functional system great novel 


    just the chapters that are taking so long to post lol


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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 92: building a clan

    A strong world built with a strong magic and hack proof-ish system. No cheaters exploiting something that everyone should have known. 

    Actions have effects and affects others. No one gets to be powerful without influencing others for good or ill.

    Kinda feels like if real life had had all the magic stuff and a system. 

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    Status: chap 184

    This is an excellent novel! It's an isekai fantasy with a system where the MC starts leveling up from the womb. While the concept may not be entirely new, what makes this novel great is that it doesn't rush its storytelling.

    The MC is likeable, a bit too secretive for my taste. He's a toddler but acts like an adult, can be really weird if you try to picture some scenes.

    I loved his interactions with his family, a joking dad, a protective mother, a jealous old sister, and a stern grandfather... Howerver, theres isn't much interaction outside of the family, well.. hes a toddler for most of the novel...

    The system is realy nice. Unlike some AI-driven systems, it functions more like Skyrim, where you gain xp from practice. There are also intriguing ways to purchase XP. 

    The MC's stats are kind weird, they are kind of his potencial and its limited by his vessel (body). So  you have 50 str, but you vessel support only 20. For me it's not really used to compare things, just to keep track of his advance. And the author get a leway to develop the plot.

    Some ways to earn XP are, professions, skills, popularity. And a really interesting way to acquire traits and perks.

    The world is really nice, various races and monsters. There's something like dungeons and religion. There doesn't seem to be a major war, so most of the action come from monsters and politics.

    Here are some problems that I found:


    It's just weird an 1 year old, speaking, arguing, rationalize, wielding a knife... some would say it's funny, ok, but to weird. If the author could just shift everthing 5 years would make the history much more enjoyable. MC would be 5 and has acess to his stats at 15.



    At some point the author got some crazy idea to respec/reset/balance the MC. The ideia was an error make the system reset MC's status, traits, race. But nothing more was explained. Would be funny to see some god receiving an message error via text and got some explanation out of this.


    But anyway, it's a truly enjoyable read.

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    Status: chapter 163: united front

    I really like this story, the story with the plot is quite slow and not rushed like most novels. Maybe people are fooled by the ridiculous title 😂😂

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    Status: chapter 148: home sweet home

    The title make it seem boring but far from it, well structured not rushed but not too slow overall decent pace decent story and no overly informative foreshadowings I hate when you see things coming.

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