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Mage in Heroes’ Guild
Mage in Heroes’ Guild
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Ever heard of heroes? You know, those mythical beings capable of slaying a dragon with a single blow? The ones that you always hear about in Fairy Tales and stuff? Nobody really believes those exist, right? I mean... As if someone could really kill something ten times their size with a one sword slash, this kind of thing only happens in myths.

Or so I believed until I joined their guild... Maybe it wasn't the right choice, perhaps I should have joined the carpenter's guild, or found work as a maid, but... Well, I'm already here, so I'd better do my best! I refuse to ever join the Mage's Tower! If I need to be a Hero, then a heroine I shall be!

Just please don't ask me to kill a dragon, I'll die.


Current cover is probably temporary since I own no rights to the images that were used to compose this cover.
Source of the catgirl on the front is the (now closed) MMO Trickster online. Image taken from this page:
The Fairy is from the novel Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne, though with altered colors. Image taken from this page:
Background comes from here:
Flames from here:

DramaFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSlice of Life
Fairies Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Slow Romance
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