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/ Series / A Side character create his story in Martial World
A Side character create his story in Martial World
A Side character create his story in Martial World
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Chapter 113 Tuesday 18/05/2021
Release probably : Every Monday

I'm the author, this serie is from novel update, and here after.

Hello, this novel that I write has been in my brain for a long time, i had up to now the laziness of writing, i could not finish the story, when I wrote the first version of this story, it was very bad.
Ah sorry, I meant the first chapters of the stories and sorry for the spelling, if there are mistakes in writing.


In the country of Cai

4 years ago, Li ming lost his cultivation, and reputation, becomes the clown of the
town, one day when he gets bullies, Li ming drops the pendant from his grand father,
he awakes his martial Spirit and restores his cultivation.

In stormy weather, Li ming fight the henchman of top outer-disciple,
the latter fall on the floor. When a soul fall from the sky, take his body and
Yang Ling open his eyes.

Random Young Master: you dare to betray me
Yang ling : i don't have interest in men
Random Young Master : you sister

Crowd :the bride stealer is here
Yang ling :she came to me herself

Protagonist :you have changed
Yang ling : I'm transmigrator

Yang ling : Master i fall love with you
Master : Kid i have the same age as you grandma

ActionAdventureFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureRomanceTragedy
Absent Parents Artifacts Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Character Growth Contracts Death of Loved Ones Elves Fairies Friendship Hard-Working Protagonist Heavenly Tribulation Loli Male Protagonist Martial Spirits Personality Changes Previous Life Talent Revenge Romantic Subplot Special Abilities Student-Teacher Relationship Teamwork Time Skip Transplanted Memories Weak to Strong
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      Status: c0

      A very bad story where protagonists is weak. Dumb. Hes more like a side character. Not to mention the grammar is terrible here

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