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/ Series / An Incubus Life
An Incubus Life
An Incubus Life
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4.6 (78 ratings)
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A young man in high school attends his sister’s sorority Halloween party. While he was in the basement the college kids above him were playing at summoning a demon and he was right below the summoning circle. Trapped he was contracted to become an agent of a succubus queen on Earth.

This a slow burn slice of life story with a fair amount of adult content. The story follows a new incubus who works to increase his power by harvesting life force from women. The world is supernatural in nature and those elements serve as his main protagonists as he grows.

AdultAdventureHaremMatureSchool LifeSlice of LifeSportsSupernatural
Adultery Affair Alternate World Angels Antihero Protagonist Appearance Changes Beastkin Cheating Contracts Cosmic Wars Demi-Humans Demons Dungeons Elves Evolution Handsome Male Lead Incubus Modern Time R-18 Slow Growth at Start Wizards
Table of Contents 75
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 38 maya

    For the genres this story encompasses, it's a decent read. I'd summarize it as a somewhat typical self-insert in the style of "what if I could fulfill all my dreams without putting in any effort" with some fantasy elements. High school kid becomes an incubus and gains the muscles, girls, friends, and athletic prowess he's never had. He doesn't even have to learn how to get women off since he has magic saliva.

    It takes a bit for him to warm up to his powers, so be patient if you find him acting too wimpy. He grows out of it. Don't expect to see MC make the smartest decisions. He often embodies the phrase "young, dumb, and full of cum." At least his transformation cured his dyslexia and he's working on improving.

    I also find myself agreeing with Iris in terms of MC's participation in hockey. He's a supernatural creature against humans. It's not even fair. It's like playing a video game with cheat codes on. It might be amusing for a bit, but the lack of challenge makes it boring pretty quick. To be fair it acts as another avenue to attract women, so it's not entirely without merit on the incubus progression side.

    The author is slowly adding more fantasy elements in lieu of the mundane high school ones as the story continues, which is a progression I'm enjoying. It's also refreshing that some of the women in the story feel more fleshed out than being cardboard cutouts meant for MC's conquest.

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    Status: chapter 46 bounty hunting

    This is one of my favourite stories at the moment, combing slice-of-life and DnD-esque urban fantasy, with an engaging plot and world-building. Each character is distinct with their own motivations, and the dialogue feels natural. All of the smut is properly integrated into the plot, well-written, and placed appropriately. There are some minor typos here and there but nothing distracting. Update frequency is fantastic, with long chapters at least twice per week.

    There are a couple of scenes that made me question the protagonist's intelligence, but he does smarten up as the story progresses, so if you find it bothering you I strongly recommend you stick with it. The protagonist is an incubus, but he is more of a 'neutral good' character, so don't expect him to use his powers for non-con/dub-con scenes, or perform any evil deeds. He doesn't start off that smart or particularly strong, but he is slowly but surely developing as he comes to learn about his own powers, as well as the world and beings around him. I'm excited to learn more and see how this develops further.

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    Status: chapter 45 pour advice

    Very good story with s*x scenes.


    MC too soft, dont use his powers more for s*x. 

    Dont have s*x with some people due to bullsh*t morals.

    MC also abit dumb and quite beta.

    During s*x keep talking about gathering life energy, very distracting. Could be mentioned at the end instead.

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