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Alchimia Rex
Alchimia Rex
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4.7 (25 ratings)
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I know you’re here looking for an epic story about a powerless chemistry teacher turning a fantasy world and its rules on its head, having to rely on others to fight brutal battles, surviving impossible odds, to navigate difficult relationship dynamics, of a human having to handle being surrounded by people who consider the rules of physics little more than guidelines, and of carving out a place to call home in a dangerous world.

But let me level with you. Rick Cross might be the reason this new world gets itself the equivalent of the Geneva Convention, but he is also a flawed human pushing thirty in a world where he barely has a penny to his name. Lacking any magical abilities of his own, it will take sweat, blood, deception, and more than a bit of luck to get to where he conquers places and people (Unless you want to skip the pain and jump to chapter 20).


"Alchimia Rex" is a continuation of "Monsters and Maidens", but written with the intent of standing on its own.

Antihero Protagonist Kingdom Building Magic Monster Girls Slow Growth at Start Weak Protagonist
Table of Contents 124
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c[001] [raid]

    I love this author. I started writing because I fell in love with this author's work and wanted to make my version of a pokemon-esque monster girl universe. This is technically the second volume though it is not necessary to read the first one because that is more like a prologue volume. I recommend any monster girl lover to read this and look up this author on patreon, you will not be disappointed. Yes, I am fan-boying. Sue me, I have followed this author for years now and saw how far he has come and if I was not broke I would have definitely been a part of his patreon already.

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    Status: [057] [hammer (embla)]

    Man I really love this story! Eventhough it may seem as "just" a smut story at first it is from my perspective one of the best stories on this plattfrom.  

    What I especially like are the different character perspectives. The author really nailes it to create distinct personalities for his characters and they keep growing/changing throughout the story. 

    What I really like about the story is that important events are often not transmitted through simply summarizing them - NO. Instead the author changes perspective to another character and then writes how the events play out - so "Show don't tell" is really being done here!

    And one of my personal favorites of the story is that I find the MC really relatable. Oftentimes I, like the MC, come to the conclusion of "Those crazy poké girls..." and I always smile when I read a chapter from the perspective of those poké girls and they just cannot comprehend what "this crazy human man" thinks :D. 

    All in all I would really recommend reading this story!

    But I would recommend reading the first volume before this one!

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    2 Likes · Like
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