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AnimeCon Harem
AnimeCon Harem
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      Status: c28

      I've read way ahead on RR, and am porting this review from there. 

      To all the HaremHaters, read before you give this story a negative review. While the description may make this story seem like a weeb fantasy, it isn't. Its a rather thoughtful story, focusing on different things, but yes, mainly about getting harem.

      And it's pretty good. I read all of it in one go, and didn't regret it.


      Following a nasty breakup with his longtime, abusive feminist girlfriend, Our MC heads to AnimeCon, determined to either spend the weekend sulking or get laid. The former is easier said than done, however, as a close friend gives him a harem charm. Supposedly harmless and as a joke, but with actual consequences.

      I myself have never been to a Con, but the way the writer describes it, with all it's attractions and flaws, makes me want to switch countries and attend one. For real. The story progresses at a slow, but steady and satisfying pace, delving into relationships. Messy, complicated things, but well thought out and displayed here. If you came for a harem that consists of girls worshipping the MC for his every move and being nothing more than stereotype cutouts, then you might want to move along.

      Around three hundred pages, and we've only gotten through the first day. Normally, in any other story, i'd be silently wishing the author picked up the pace and got to the important (fugging) action, but not here. Here, I want it done right.


      I've wondered, quite a few times, if the author is, by some chance, an actual PROFESSIONAL author or some sort of prodigy. Scrap that, he writes better than most romance authors i've seen, prof or no. Better fleshed out and firmer than a certain Flamituff cosplayer's behind. Keep it up.


      Squeeky clean. Nothing more needs to be said.


      Now, the real meat of the story. A Harem without a good, solid and diverse cast is going to fail horribly. Hell, a lot that have them do anyway. The story here isn't about how characters of different looks ans sterotypical personalities fall for the MC, it's about how the cast, with already in-places desires, is influenced towards Brian by the Harem charm, without any of them, even Brian himself, knowing.

      Brian starts off as a goodlooking, handsome, confident womanizer just fresh from a breakup, but as the story progresses, we see more of him and his personality. Beneath his smiling exterior is someone who cares, a kind person undergoung very negative effects through the subtle abuse his feminist ex subjected him too. I like how this really fleshes him out, and hope to see more in the future.

      Stephanie and Kelly, on the other hand, couldn't be any more different. As polar opposites, its actually a treat to see the two bond together, meanwhile sharply contrasting each other.

      Chloe is built as a good, hateable antagonist, with the author being neither too banal or too bland in making the reader dislike her. Instead, it feels naturally done, letting us form out own little conclusions and then suckerpunching us in the nuts.

      Even other characters, like Emily and Rebbeca, are well fleshed out. Hell, when you manage to make the random AnimeCon encounters memorable, then you're doing something right.


      AnimeCom Harem might seem like a lighthearted weebromp, but its not. Its a fairly deep story, one that focuses on relationships, with a side of fanservice. All in all, a really good story. Give it a read if you're into it.

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      16 Likes · Like
      Status: (Patreon chapters)

      (All caught up on RR releases)

      A pretty erotic novel with fleshed-out personalities, coming from a strong perspective of reality, yet it still manages to pander to the unlikely likes of us short-attention-spanned readers with the usual harem shenanigans.

      Every chapter feels like a proper extension to the story, slowly developing and showcasing each girl's traits and personality, unlike the stereotypical cardboard cutouts in stories with a similar premise.

      The interactions mainly carry the story alone, and that is also what sold it to me. While I can see that some might not appreciate such a change of pacing into the contemporary, Forty's way of storytelling (while not entirely unique), still manages to freshen your palate from SH's oversaturated cesspool of reincarnation stories.

      If you're not planning on reading this yet, at least add the damn story into your reading list first. Find some time to properly sink your fangs into the immersive world that is Animecon Harem, and you'll be taken away.

      ... Still though, I can't bring myself to rate this a perfect score. I'll give this, an 8.4/10 at best due to a criminal lack of yanderes. Move on if you're looking only for yanderes.

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      9 Likes · Like
      Status: truth or dare, round two

      The author really knows how to masterfully write a character, how to give them personality, a background, emotions, thoughts and hopes, whatever “fleshing out a character” means. At least, I can definitely picture Kelly goofing around, and Brian and Steph being awkward with each other. They feel like real people instead of just characters, and that's the real attraction of this novel. Truthfully, the setting could've pretty much been anything and I would've still liked the characters.

      On the other hand, only God knows for what reason the author had to bring a f**king cultural marxism postmodernist feminism dialectical essay into the novel. Yes, I hate radical feminism as much as the author does, and even regular feminists hate these guys, but just why? Could've just been “the girlfriend is an asshole, it was her fault they devolved into that kind of abusive relationship, ” and there, you still have the same character. It's absolutely baffling the way the author can write these colorful and vivid characters, each with their own struggles and motivations that are as complex as a real person's, yet they simply shove down our throat “terfs bad lmao.”

      If this is your first introduction to “progressive” politics, then I had to concede that the way these extreme feminists wackos are portrayed aren't that far-fetched from what I've seen on Twitter and the media in general, and the author's dialectical method of dissecting this subject does kinda serve to show both sides of the argument, but there's much more to it than what the author argues.

      I really, really liked what I've read so far, I think the author has made something that, I can say with confidence, stands a cut above most online serials, be it Scribblehub or whatever other site. I think it's a shame there was this little part of the novel that I didn't like, really, and I genuinely hope the author lets it go further down the line. 

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      6 Likes · Like

      I am a proud patreon of this story so I am lucky enough to have been able to read a fair amount of it so far which is what this review is based off of.

      AH is both extremely entertaining while also containing very well written fully graphic s*x scenes. I find that in general you can find stories that are good at being one or the other but this type, where both are high quality, is very rare.

      The graphic scenes will take a bit to get to but the foreplay and relationship building serve as a foundation that elevates the s*x to a level of satisfaction that you almost never find in internet fiction.

      Great engaging protagonist, varied and unique love interests, and an antagonist that you love to hate, AH is awesome!

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: mixing colors

      As cliché as the title might sound, the story is real. It's a nice romance story featuring good characters (like deep well made personalities and backstories).

      To be honest this is the first story in a long time that made go through an all nighter (and at the same time got me pondering for a while before being able to go back to reading). It written in a way that gets you riled up (in a good way I mean). I enjoyed so much it's the only story I support among the somewhat hundred+ I read here.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: ch0

      Haven't quite caught up with all the available RR chapters, but I've followed this story since it popped up on Literotica, so I'm glad it's getting more exposure on this site. Great story, characters, and it always keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's a little light on the lemons, and it does take time to lead up to the main act, but that just makes the pay-off sweeter. 

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      3 Likes · Like

      I have no clue what chapter I read up to on the patreon page but it's f**king amazing, read it for yourself and you'll see. 

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: up to the nuclear option

      This is an incredibly well thought out story with complex characters. Yes, there is a Harem... Yes, there is s*x... But the selling point is really their interactions.

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      2 Likes · Like
      Status: the nuclear option

      This is a year after reading this and I still remember the entire plot line and every single character. It doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't and has wonderful build up to every single event (including the smut). Every character is unique and the main plot (and Plot) is very interesting. Honestly I can't tell if this is just very good smut or a story about a magic artifact that warps free will. Either way this is probably my 3rd favorite Story of all time. 11/10. 

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: Chapter 52

      I cannot recommend this novel more. Whatever I say cannot do it justice. Read a couple of hours, have only found one spelling mistake, nothing else, quality is top notch. The perspectives are perfect, the situation is slightly realistic with the whole breakup situation, and the harem doesn't feel forced whatsoever. The characters are different, are unique and you can understand what they feel. They feel pretty real, I guess that's the best way to put it. Very wholesome so far, does tease you a little bit because the action only really starts roughly a chapter before the one this review is currently up to. Slow romance, but simply perfect. Other novels always feel forced, rushed, characters unrealistic.

      And, I don't know if this is positive or negative, but it adds the realistic feel to it; the general premise of the story, where the MC breaks up and feels depressed and then gets his life back together slowly through the help of some friends, happened to the author. And I feel so sorry for you. I hope that you see this, and I hope that you are back on your feet. 

      10/10 couldn't recommend it anymore. 

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