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/ Series / Primordial Sage: Plight of Immortality
Primordial Sage: Plight of Immortality
Primordial Sage: Plight of Immortality
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Immortality, a coveted desire shared by many, remains an elusive and unattainable wish. Even the Gods and Primordial beings cannot claim they have an eternal life. To achieve immortality, one must embark on an arduous and treacherous journey fraught with immense pain, endless solitude, and unfathomable despair. Only a select few possess the resilience to traverse this path, yet even they cannot attain 'true' immortality. However, there always exists an exception.

In a nameless village, nestled among rolling hills, a humble peasant boy was born. Unbeknownst to him, he possessed a rare gift, a gift that held the potential for 'true' immortality. Yet, fate had its own designs, for the shadows lurking in the depths became aware of his existence.

And they will definitively not stand aside and wait for him to mature...
The theme of story is about man who is almost imposible to kill and the advantages and disadvantages that comes with it. Thus story will be contain body experimentation, torture and other such things that are not for everyone. Of course I don't plan to make it needlessly gory and uncomfortable for people. It won't be detailed that much.

The story was inspired from novels 'Immortal in the Magic World' and 'As an Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden Skills. It is mostly about the idea of immortality rather than their story.

If you want to get early access to unpublished chapters or just give me some support, then you can here:

Age Progression Appearance Different from Actual Age Calm Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Dark Evil Gods Fantasy World Gore Human Experimentation Jack of All Trades Late Romance Magic Male Protagonist Necromancer Polygamy R-18 Torture World Hopping World Travel
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