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/ Series / Spirit Guardian: The Last Housekeeper
Spirit Guardian: The Last Housekeeper
Spirit Guardian: The Last Housekeeper
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A young man from Earth is living his life as best as he could, though it seems boring. Despite his efforts, no rewards awaited him. Fed up with everything, he often found himself wasting time. His routine was monotonous: wake up, go to school, come back home, and indulge in whatever entertainment the internet offered until late into the night. After a few hours of sleep, the cycle would repeat.

This pattern continued until a fateful encounter. During his second year of college, on his way home, he came across an injured kitty on the roadside. He tried to assist, but it appeared to be too late for the little creature. Or so he believed.

In an unexpected twist, before he could act further, he was kidnapped. The abductor? A house. The kitty wasn't spared either, and both of them disappeared into the structure, never to be seen on Earth again.

Suddenly, the young man found himself in the ancient House of Magus. This wasn't a part of the material world; it seemed to exist either in the spiritual realm or somewhere in between.

Now, witness this young man's adventures as he encounters the beings that inhabit this house and its surroundings. As he tries to settle into his role as the housekeeper, he must also manage the myriad challenges thrown his way.

"Wait, what do you mean the kitty was the primary target? Am I just collateral damage?"

A journey filled with amusement, self-discovery, and a fair share of frustrations with his unconventional tenants begins.
Mostly stress-free story about daily life of Mc living in fantasy house with non-human tenants. There will be some action once in a while but it is not the main theme.
This is basically opposite of my other novel which is way more grim. In this there won't be probably even bloodshed.

The story can be read also on RR.

AdultAdventureComedyFantasyHaremRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeSupernatural
Animal Characteristics Artifacts Clumsy Love Interests Cold Love Interests Easy Going Life Fantasy Creatures Love Interest Falls in Love First Magical Space Monster Girls Possessive Characters Quirky Characters R-15 Reluctant Protagonist Sentient Objects Slow Growth at Start Slow Romance Yandere
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    Status: 9 – the infinitive garden

    Enjoying it so far.

    The story is slow burn, so don't expect conflict from the start. Those 10 or so initial chapters serve as an introduction to the world.

    The MC so far is fine. Not a wuss but also not a gigachad, which means he's believeble. I can't indentify the yandere love interest yet (I'm assuming it's the dullahan maid?), but bonus points for having one.

    For the author, the only things I'd change are:

    - Add a few more tags: I think it would help with discoverability here on SH. I can think of a few that would fit this story, like 'Animal Characteristics', 'Clumsy Love Interests', 'Fantasy Creatures', etc.

    - A new cover: The one being used currently is not bad, but I think it's using the wrong proportions. Since it's the first thing people see when they're searching your book, I think it's important to make it pop-out.

    EDIT: Updating my review to show that the absolute madlad actually made the changes above. The new cover is pretty good and he added new tags!

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