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/ Series / NeToRi System
NeToRi System
NeToRi System
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4.5 (54 ratings)
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Reincarnated into a new world Dave lives a miserable life until he finally awakens the NTR system that turns his life upside down.


Just a heads up the NTR refers to the system requiring Dave to NTR other people not get NTR’d.

For advance chapters check out my Patreon.

ActionAdultEcchiHaremIsekaiMatureRomanceSchool LifeSmut
Ability Steal Adultery Affair Appearance Changes Bullying Character Growth Cheating Cheats Harem-seeking Protagonist Jack of All Trades Male Protagonist Modern Day Netori Playboys Poor to Rich R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Revenge Scheming Secret Relationship Seduction Selfish Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Special Abilities Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c20

    I am in ch20, so far the writing has been good and not just about smut. While it does play a large part, the ingredients are all there for some proper character development. Excited to see where the author goes with them.

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