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/ Series / They Were All Nobles
They Were All Nobles
They Were All Nobles
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4.7 (57 ratings)
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Filian has a lifelong friend. Nothing weird, just a best friend she's known all her life-- though Rosa is everything BUT normal. She shouts mathematical equations at her between bites of lunch, she moans the lack of something called a kalk-u-later, and she utterly hates even the merest mention of the country's prestigious Academy. Oh, and the air always seems to sparkle when she laughs.

And then suddenly a local duke waltzes in and claims her as his illegitimate daughter, and Rosa doesn't even bat an eyelash. Then she's enrolled into the Academy, and she's suddenly all jittery and afraid. Then she starts talking about probabilities? Plans? Routes? Secret targets?

Filian the commoner is as lost as she could ever be, and it's not going to get better anytime soon. Oh boy.

A light-hearted, comedic take on the isekai genre! :) Hope you enjoy!

Note/edit: I've come to notice that people sometimes do not know, so, um, yes, Filian (as boyish as the name may be) is female. :D

ComedyFantasyIsekaiRomanceSchool Life
Anniversary Competition
Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Caring Protagonist Childhood Friends Comedic Undertone Cute Story Devoted Love Interests Fantasy World Female Protagonist Friendship Love Interest Falls in Love First Otome Game Polite Protagonist Poor Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Quirky Characters Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World Secret Identity Slow Romance Smart Couple
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      Status: 61. but i heard green is...

      I was looking and realized this story didn't have any reviews and that crazy is it is really REALLY good.  So I am writing to tell you to read it as it is a fun entertaining story and definitely worth your time.

      The story is about how strange the reincarnated heroine/villainess act from the eyes of a 'Mob'.   It is a semi-light hearted story most of the time, but it still has some real consequences (like injuries that aren't magically gone 2 chapters later).  The main character is moderately intelligent and quite kind/honestly while not being naive... making it way more enjoyable to read about her.  A fairly large group of characters plus some deeper plot/mysteries that the main characters don't know about slowly being revealed... very well done.

      Plus this story does a good job of keeping you guessing without being random..  The story world (by definition) is a cliche (it is about a otome game world), but the story and its characters responses are actually mostly unique making it fun to read.

      Grammar is also quite good (way, WAY better than most of SH).

      The only suggestions I would make is that I enjoy good deep emotion in my characters.  People do things by emotion about as often as they do by logic and there could be a little more as it does have some already. Examples below...


      I would have liked a little more repeated quiet frustration/uncertainty working multiple jobs. There was some and Fil is purposely putting up a strong front, but a little more quiet struggle would have made her more endearing. 

      All of the characters don't get over anger/grudges the next chapter which is really good, but I would expect some more building frustration/self derision by Fil.  We know she is kind and honestly it is why I like reading about her, but a little more issues being surrounded by beautiful/important/powerful people then powering though. (basically choosing to have quiet self-worth)  

      Fil does feel in-over-her-head with the nobles, but a little clearer intimidation knowing they have power over her life would make her bravery/kind front feel more impactful.  (Also make it more of a pay-off when she gains some status/power from her friends and they can't look down on her as much)

      Rosa is self confident and funny, but she needs to doubt herself and be fearful sometimes if you want to make her feel human. This happened when she was caught in the street parade and Fil had to save her (this was great), but should probably happen more than once.


      Again overall it is a great fun story with a refreshingly interesting plot

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      Status: 76.2 [omake #2] the origin story

      Summary: This story is excellent and is well worth the read. As stated in the synopsis, this is a light-hearted, comedic take on the otome isekai subgenre. Yet, sprinkled throughout the story are more serious and more heartfelt developments which serve to progress the story, prevent the comedy from getting stale, and develop the characters outside the constraints of a comedic tone. The author's writing style treads the needle between light-hearted and serious, and this dichotomy in writing style makes for a wonderful reading experience. For those who are still on the fence about reading, the beginning chapters are short and sweet, so you can get a good impression of the light-hearted parts of the story. If you want to understand how more serious parts of the story are integrated, Chapter 13 should be a good enough checkpoint to gauge whether or not you'll enjoy the rest of the story.

      As stated in the synopsis, this story is a light-hearted, comedic take on the otome isekai subgenre. The story satirizes many of the tropes and cliches in this subgenre by both acknowledging and embracing their ridiculousness. The story takes advantage of these tropes and cliches to enhance the quality of the comedy. Some examples of this include acknowledging capture targets and male leads, adding discussion about event flags and endings, and integrating a "heroine buff" as a discerinble part of the reincarnated individual's existence. Many of the characters in this story are also built from established character archetypes that exist within the subgenre. There are many cookie cutter characters that fulfill certain roles in an otome game. However, what makes this story good is that, for the important characters, the arcehtypes are used only as a base. They are a starting point which is used to launch the character to become their own unique, complex individual. This excellent mix of archetypal and deep character development allows both the light-hearted and more serious parts of the story to shine.

      The writing style of this story is the best part of it by a long shot. Perhaps the best way to describe the writing style is that it does basically everything right. If there is a comedy segment, the writing style really sells the scene. If there is an emotional moment, the writing style makes sure it hits hard. If there is a fight scene, the writing style makes sure to describe the action. If there is a completely normal scene, the writing style keeps the tone wonderfully average. The writing style of this story is the main driving force that keeps it moving towards greatness. The way the story is written is fairly unique and is not something that is easy to describe. Prospective readers will simply have to start reading the story to understand just how good the writing style is.

      This story definitely deserves more readers than it has now, and this story is definitely worth a read.

      Extra Note: If anyone is curious, I wrote a much longer, much more spoiler heavy comment of my thoughts and expectations about this story on "76.2 [Omake #2] The Origin Story." This comment is very, VERY spoiler heavy, so I don't recommend you read it until you finish that chapter. 

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