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/ Series / Path of the Lilies [book 1 and 2]
Path of the Lilies [book 1 and 2]
Path of the Lilies [book 1 and 2]
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Ever since she was a child, Ye Jiao was treated as a trash in Chen Kingdom. Suffered from countless beating and humiliation, Ye Jiao endured the harsh life without able to do anything. Only a rare few of them cared for her and gave her warmth in the harsh world.
But the Heaven didn’t give her any chance to live peacefully.
It took the little things she had and pushed her into the bottom abyss. Filled with despair and sadness, she had to hide and bid her time for a lot of people wished for her death.

“I have lost everything; you can’t take anything else from me. But I too will gain much more in my path as Eon Energy Master, I’ll not give up and someday, I’ll reach the peak.”

Her small arm picked up the white lily flower and gripped it tighter with determination flashed in her eyes. Trash? Her small lips smiled in a tinged of mockery.
Even if everyone around her wished to kill her, she would never give up.
She will show them who the real trash is and become the greatest genius in the world!
Even if the entire world is against her, she would not cower.
She will reach the peak.

AdventureFantasyMartial Arts
Age Progression Ancient China Ancient Times Assassins Beautiful Female Lead Body Tempering Bullying Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cultivation Curious Protagonist Cute Protagonist Determined Protagonist Discrimination Female Protagonist Genius Protagonist Multiple Protagonists Revenge Slow Growth at Start Strength-based Social Hierarchy Weak to Strong Wuxia Xianxia
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      Status: 112. investigation (2)
      May 13, 2020

      It is a fun read. I am drawn in by our main Protagonist who is able to keep her integrity even when she is weathering through stormy and dark terrain. She is a charming one. Pacing wise the beginning was a bit fast paced. However towards the latter chapters it begins to slow down to a more palatable and easier to follow pace. Writing wise there are a very few grammatical errors it won't affect your reading nor immersion to the story.

      Consider picking this up it's a good read. 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 10. i promise
      Feb 10, 2020

      The story is good 


      but so sudden.

      Well I don't find it bad cause authors have their way to the story and I kinda like it.

      Thank you for the chapters. Oof.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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