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Canon Fodder
Canon Fodder
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4.2 (93 ratings)
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Weston wakes up in a large room. 12 doorways around him he has to make a choice on which door to open. Unfortunately he isn’t the luckiest person. The first one throws him in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

12 doors with unknown worlds behind them await Weston. Will he be able to keep the worlds on the path of their canon? Or will he fail and have to take over for the protagonist?

Book 1:
High School of the Dead. Gantz. One Piece. Naruto. My Hero Academia.

Book 2:
High School of the Dead. One Piece. Naruto. One Punch Man. My Hero Academia. Also dig more into why Weston is in the room and what he is actually doing there.

Book 3:
One Piece. Naruto. One Punch Man. My Hero Academia. Hunter x Hunter. Berserk. DBZ. Gantz.

Book 4:
The dynamic changes a lot in this book. It’s weird at the beginning but I feel it’s important for future growth and storylines I like.

Current plan is Second Life Ranker. Tutorial
Is too Hard. Solo Leveling. Harry Potter. Wheel of Time.

I try not to spend too much time in each world. Things happen quickly, because I hate writing boring chapters where nothing happens. I try to reinvent some of the power systems they use, but also stick to the nature of the story. Also lots of smut.

Updates: I aim for 10 chapters released every week. Uploads on Fridays.

Oh right and I don't own any of the characters except the main one.

Gantz High school of the dead My Hero Academia Naruto One Piece
Aliens Alternate World Gate to Another World Harem-seeking Protagonist Maids Paizuri Pirates Polygamy R-18 Superheroes Threesome Transmigration Transported into Another World Weak to Strong World Hopping Zombies
Table of Contents 281
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    New MannyValdez
    Status: chapter 281 solution

    Great read so far, pretty interesting where the stories go. Only a few criticisms but will definitely keep an eye for more chapters!

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    New Vicente17
    Status: chapter 231 child’s play

    The story fell with the One Piece arc because the author decided that the MC no longer cares about his partners before leaving making stupid promises and the author makes him resolve this by using his lust skills to resolve a situation where the girls should decide this seriously, it destroyed the construction of a character who showed himself as someone who cared about his women and treated them fairly, in addition to giving preference to women with less development in the arc.

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    Status: chapter 123 decisions

    The manga world-hopping story started with promise, and could theoretically return to something more solid, but bogged down with HPS: Harem Protagonist Syndrome midway through Book 1.  

    The basis of the story is an 40-something overweight male, married father of 2 children (MC) appears in a room with no memory of how he arrived (he remembers his old life, but not how he came to be inside the "Red Room" where the story begins, jumping between worlds. The system introduced in the story grants fiction-world related quests and rewards. The protagonist works alongside (so far, not replacing) story-world protagonists in order to fix elements of those stories, develop side-stories with cannon side-characters, with a focus on keeping the plot moving forward, and generally achieving better outcomes in the story than were originally seen and/or resolving the stories. Rewards grant enhanced abilities which help the MC the more difficult story-worlds like improved strength, chakra (or increases to the chakra pool), weapons, armor, system storage, and... sadly the Achilles heel of the story "lust aura" powers.

    I would say that while the story is very wish-fulfillment centric, the MCs choices are reasonable and logical (until his bloodline activates) and that the author had the ability to tell a legit fun story based on fanfiction. Even a bit-o-lemon in the story, originally, was reasonable and justified.


    However, at one point in a story-world filled with chackra and ninjas, MC gains a completely unnecessary bloodline activation that grants a mega-schlong (zero to hero) with "lust aura" mind-control abilities that actually force individuals (male or female) into an inner world typically styled as a s*x dungeon, with time-alteration; the ability may ultimately evolve to enable forced-love brands (as if the former powers and ability to torture and/or mind-break a subject weren't sufficient)... super cringe-rapey. 

    To the authors partial merit... for a brief period, circumstantially, the protagonist initially recognizes these abilities won't lead to real love, resists the temptation to abuse the abilities, attempts to keep some relationships "pure".  Where the abilities were used, he originally did so with consenting concubines who were aware of the ability. However, shortly thereafter, once he gets used to using it, he does so with FAR less restraint, on women who don't know they're going to be hit with a date-rape drug, and the story derails to follow a orgasmo-power-harem-building frenzy story that detracts and distracts the protagonists from the system issued missions and any goal of solving the protagonists larger issue of being trapped in a false-reality/"Red Room".

    In book 2, the protagonist has turned into "nice guy" "scumbag".  He is somewhat open with women regarding him not being committed, but doesn't reveal he is about to make them an addict (used his mind/body control aura over them) and then they are just drooling and agreeing t share him with anyone (not that they understand he has a multiverse harem, or that they are merely characters he will shelve periodically after/while he pulls out and inserts into a new set of heroines.  (MC is about as moral as a "drug dealer"; also offering mutually consensual addictive mind-altering product.) it is indicated that not all abilities will be persistent as MC progresses into adjacent worlds; I honestly hope that the MC abandons his woman-collecting ways. He already has 3+ women in each world he has visited... too much! It defies the premise that he actually cares about these women when he can ignore them for years at a time; then when he acts lovey-dovey it comes across as hypocritical, fake, and manipulative.  

    Author needs to stop focusing the story on lemon scenes and the use of the "lust aura" which reportedly will develop into an involuntary-love/"rape aura". The MC should truly use this as little as possible and STOP BUILDING DUMB HAREMS!  Even the ninja know lust-mind-control is a despicable weapon with such questionable acceptability that its existence must be kept secret, even in a society that encourages development of other forms of mind control, human puppeteering, instant-death abilities, etc. 

     There is not cute, good-for-society, protect-the-homeland, reason for lust-mind-control. It is a villainous ability and unnecessary if he was engaging in real, loving, consenting s*x; his use of it is corruptive. Without any moral center, purpose, or reason for the protagonist to do anything other than mind-warp women and ejaculate, I doubt the story will develop in much of a positive direction. But, I've been wrong before... so, best of luck to readers; the possibility exists for the protagonist to not behave like a s*x addict.

    Side Note: Personally, I find it offensive that he is taking his sweet time, focusing his energy on s*xing his way across the fictional universe, longing for his fictional s*x partners, and hasn't spared much thought or affection for his real-world CHILDREN WHO ARE ALIVE AND MAY NEED TO BE RESCUED (or wife, but she is totally off hi scumbag radar) ; obviously strange things happened that resulted in his stay in the red room.  

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: Currently in chap. 78 (Harem and...

    There's not much to say, if you like harem, it's your thing, if not, forget reading.

    There are some somewhat unpleasant contents, but there aren't many, especially in the world of Naruto and MHA, so don't worry, most of the story is fun and worth reading, if you're going to marathon it, you can wait to wait for the releases, because It will take time to launch.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: Dropped

    This story started out strong with good character interactions, but it quickly fell off. In the later chapters, the author got lazy with their writing of the MC relationships in favor of cheap smut. In the last three worlds he has newly entered, within 48 hours he will meet a group of random OC women that will later become part of his harem. The author traded quality characterizations for the chance to write as much cheap smut as they can.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 78 alabasta

    This is a good fanfic to read. 

    The first chapters could be a bit annoying but it gets better overtime.

    There is also character growth.

    Also, I have a question author. Will MC get any of his girl pregnant? Just simple question.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c21

    Seriously my friend I love your novel I was really hooked, at least you will have a faithful reader, although personally... I'm waiting for HOTD.

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    3 Likes · Like

    This is very good so far. The concept it uses is a fun twist on the usual world jumping formula and I always like that type of stuff so it's really cool to see this.

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