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/ Series / The Son of the Monster.
The Son of the Monster.
The Son of the Monster.
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The Empire of Ignisis, Once a blazing torch of a glorious nation housing the greatest magicians on earth.
Is now extinguished into measly embers, as magic dissipate from the people of their nation.
Humiliation leads to collapse and collapse leads to desperation and despair leads to thoughtless actions.
To regain what measly honor left The Emperor sent his men to attack the east and the west only to be met with fierce resistance and utter failure, the corrupt leader dead and the country divided into two.

When all seems hopeless, amidst the sea of common people a man known for his writings and patriotic endeavors, sparked hoped into his forsaken country and he brought them back to their feet, yet unknown to the entire world, This man thirsts for revenge and will bring war and chaos in his wake as he leads the newly reformed Federation of Ignisis to world domination.

That man, is my father.

And I am another piece in this never ending game of death.

For revenge, for honor and for Elise...

I am Vernier Von Heidler, the Son of The Monster.

(Cover - Ctto: Hetza Hellshock.)

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Anti-Magic Army Army Building Assassins Automatons Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Charming Protagonist Childhood Friends Cold Protagonist Conflicting Loyalties Conspiracies Cruel Characters Depictions of Cruelty Elemental Magic European Ambience Evil Protagonist Fantasy World Genius Protagonist Magic Manipulative Characters Soldiers Spies
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