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/ Series / Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
Tree of Aeons (an Isekai Story)
2.36M Views 27915 Favorites 108 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 9052 Readers
4.6 (1522 ratings)
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Story about Matt an OP tree in a fantasy world.

Contains timeskips (lots of it), citybuilding/dungeonbuilding…

Warning :
Chapters 3 to 41 has been deleted as Tree of Aeons gets ready for it's amazon release. Thanks for your support.

Chapters 42 to 81 has been deleted for the Book 2 Launch on 28 June 2023

Game Elements Kingdom Building Magic Beasts Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Reincarnated as an Object Reincarnated into Another World World Tree
Table of Contents 108
Reviews 77
Table of Contents
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    Status: Hot Water

    It's a cool concept and story, but the characters are all cardboard and only for plot. The MC is way too stupid and all the characters are annoying and really ungrateful towards him. Everything is just stale, this is a story that will strive off your hunger for a little while longer for the time you find an actual good story.

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    Status: extending vines


    The MC is a braindead tree, his time perspective is weird. He seems obsessed in doing things a certain way. Doesn't use his abilities to change things as much as he can, it seems like he actually forgets most of his abilities sometimes

    He is selfish. He is very trusting of some people for no reason and very paranoid of others. He's just grabbed hold of the first people who stayed with him for a time and seems obsessed with focusing on them.

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    Status: c86

    My biggest complaint for the story itself is that there's just no way the population would survive a 10 year demon king cycle. Consider this;

    • rifts start to open 6 months prior to the demon king appearing and they spit out hordes demons strong enough to kill normal men. 
    • DK appears and releases multiple champions, each of which are about as strong as this worlds native heroes - rifts appear more frequently and normal demons become stronger
    • The gods don't summon heroes until anywhere from 1-6 months from DK showing up - during this time nothing can challenge the DK and the champions/demons wipe out cities and destroy countries
    • Heroes appear and start at lvl1, they need at least 6-18 months to level up enough to defeat the DK
    • The heroes alone can not destroy the DK/champions/demon armies solo, so countries must help them with their armies to carve a path to DK
    • After DK is defeated heroes often fight each other

    So... that's a 10 year cycle... and it would simply not be sustainable. There would be no one left after 20 years.

    My most prominent other criticism deals with the child soldiers. I really don't think this author has ever been around a 6 year old, however, I have children myself and I'm here to tell you, you would simply not be able to train 6-10 year olds how to fight demons with martial weapons.

    It would have been much better for the story and the Mc's morality if he increased their potential/endurance/passive skills (all of which would be possible given the rules of this world) instead the author went with the child soldier route.. idk why.

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    Status: interlude – level 100 & soul realm

    This definitely is overrated. 

    The story itself is fine. Same for the concept. The problem is with the execution. The writing comes off as amateurish. The characters don't really feel distinct except for maybe the MC.

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    Status: bear and beetle (absolutely rubbish)


    This story has some major points that you need to be aware of before reading there is some spoilers but I wouldn't care if I was you, these points were enough for me to drop after 27 chapters, basically as thats when the bulk of the stupidity of all the characters shows through the most, although its present from the very beginning.

    1) the MC is an idiot, he has zero ability to think ahead and constantly makes stupid decisions for example when three groups of refugees arrive in his Forrest at the end of autumn/ start of winter he expects them to survive in the cold of winter without allowing them to cut down any trees for firewood even though he can grow over 100 trees a month with his abilities, later when he trusts them a bit more he lets them cut down a tree per YEAR, ONE TREE!!!

    2) the grammar and spelling is pretty bad and the author makes no effort to improve or edit.

    3) the characters around the MC constantly call him wise and mighty after he makes a stupid decision when all that does is not only point out how stupid the MC is but also how stupid the supporting characters are.

    4) the MC name is treetree, I mean honestly, in the story a little girl calls the MC treetree because that's what 2 year old children do, BUT after that the MC decided that he was going to name himself treetree like wtf, my nephew could call me poopy face but I'm not gonna change my name to it!! All it does is emphasise the mc's stupidity like he's trying to have a proper adult discussion about refugees and allocating land but he introduces himself as "treetree the guardian tree spirit" I'm honestly surprised the refugees didn't just burst out laughing cos that's what I did when I read it (not because of comedic premise but just pure stupidity)

    Overall not worth the time it takes to read I want my hours back, I actually think some of my brain cells died while reading this.


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    Status: threetree defense initiative

    tl;dr - definitely give the first 3 or 4 chapters a try, I think you'll get hooked!

    I'm not going to lie. Given the title, synopsis, and a seriously OTT story I previously found on RR with a similar premise, I really was not expecting a lot from this. I am quite happy that I still decided to give it a go. The first chapter starts off a bit rough, but with each chapter the author quickly gets into the setting and the story really grabs you. The characters could do with a little more development, maybe, but at the same time the story is told from the perspective of a tree who doesn't care too much for most people and has an increasingly different perception of time, so I guess it makes sense in a way. The chapters are nice and long, too, which I very much appreciate - too many authors seem to focus on quantity and update frequency over length, these days, which hampers immersion and enjoyment IMO even if the quality is still high. 

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    Status: most recent

    About the only criticism I have is that the title doesn’t follow the same naming conventions as the chapter titles.

    There are a lot of interesting tree puns when naming, and tons of timeskips especially recently, but the worst part is that it’s called an ‘isekai’ instead of a ‘treesekai’.

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    Status: Those Who Fight For Tree

    The main character is a tree. 999 out of 5. Oh it doesn't go that high? I'll settle for 5 then.

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    Status: timeless trees

    The work is impressive.

    the story has a very interesting premise, the main character is reincarnated as a tree. Also I like how the author shows the influence of his reincarnation on his way of thinking and acting, trees do nothing for months and I found it intriguing how the author used this MC free time.

    The character is very charismatic in my opinion, he has a generic and simple tone of an everyday person, without that nonsense of "Somehow I know" or "I'm the smartest guy in the world and I know everything about everything", no, it is simple and evolves along with the story and interactions.

    The secondary characters are amazing, the names are remarkable due to their interactions, very sad when the time catches up to most of them, since MC is immortal (ageless) the time he spend with mortals is very unique in my opinion, the kinda of way you expect a immortal to interact with people. Besides that the author shows the face of corruption and ill will of people in the world in which he lives. Like the refugees who arrive in the valley already demanding things from him, being hostile and showing disrespect towards him. His choice was to intimidate them, very good, MC doesn't show pity to the enemy and I like that, plus he lets them cut 1 tree PER PERSON per year, and there are between 300 refugees at first and they can change these uses each other. A very capitalism way of thinking, nice one, since it grows as birth rates keep going and MC keeps expanding his trees. The way he interact with people when they start to going to his vallry for protection is very good, many try to explot him and end up failing due to his inner circle of friends or due to his not so innocent way of viewing people, as a normal person one need to have a iron grip sometimes and it makes the MC more human like us and sometimes more nature for his actions towards the environment.

    Another thing about his immortality is how he remember things despite being decades apart, even when the others don't remember, shoeing how times flow different for him and how he can manage all his memories throught the experiences and buildings he make, wich btw, are awasome. MC isn't truly OP, but he can make new bio buildings and find new ways to defend himself and the others around him, he isn't cold blooded, but he is calculist (correction, he turns out calculist, he spend many days thinking about the best ways to do someting without losing resorces, and it is good, shows how mature he is) and don't let himself be influenced to much by others.

    One of the most enganging aspects of the novel is the Demon Invasion cycles, each new enemy and challenge they bring are unique and show how the people have to adapt to these changes. Heroes, for example, show childish and innocent personalities of those who believe that the world is perfect and that they would never be deceived, which turns out to be the opposite. The people use these heroes for many harmful acts.

    And the way the MC deals with them is magnificent.

    There is also the times when the MC tries to see the many misteries of the world with his limited perspective, resulting in Skills and new experienced he tus find when expandig his influence in the world.

    The most incredible is how the autor often connects past events with the present ones.

    I would write more, but the story is long and I can't put it all into one analysis.

    I recommend you to read it.

    Also, the only bad thing I found is some grammar errors (some wrong words, not like I myself am some kinda of teacher, so in this one is just the words that come wrong sometimes), but these are minimal ones and I can't blame the author for not correcting then, since the chaps are large and would otherwise slow down the frequency of the chaps, the quality is good but the large chaps can make it difficult for him.

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    Status: druidic conflict

    Definitely the kind of story I like. Kingdom Building is a personal favorite of mine, and this has lots of it.

    The conflicts are interesting, and it almost makes me want to write my own book with a tree character.

    But I won't. It's just good enough to be inspiring, and I really recommend one gives it a shot.

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