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/ Series / Ugly Bastard System
Ugly Bastard System
Ugly Bastard System
95.9k Views 2402 Favorites 53 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 587 Readers
4.6 (71 ratings)
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Hide your wives! Hide your daughters!!
An Ugly Bastard is in the town!!!
Look, and despair! As he will conquer all the females in the world!
...or will he?





Warning: There will be R-18 stuff here (NSFW stuff [chapters marked with *] with some of them on really disturbing topics such as rape and blackmail [marked with +]), but that is not the actual focus here. This story is not for wish fulfillment. If you want your weekly conquered woman, be ready to be disappointed. If not, you are welcome to give it a try.
It is also available on Royal Road.

AdultDramaMaturePsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of LifeSupernatural
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      Status: ubs14 – upgrading yourselves
      May 22, 2020

      Do you dislike NTR while still finding NTR hentai hot? Then you should read this story, the protagonist is a decent human being in the body of a NTR villain, while the girls he has to "corrupt" seem to be going to fall into misery if he doesn't approach them (typical unsatisfied wife is being cheated on and scammed by her husband, tomboy loli has a hentai MC-looking as her legal guardian, there's even that girl from that traumatic hentai about drug addiction). Simply put it's justified NTR.

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      Status: ubs36 – one month timeskip
      Jan 2, 2021

      Worst ugly bastard smut I've ever seen. Protagonist is too busy being a decent human being to accept his identity and fate to conquer the waifus.

      Grammar and spelling seem consistently fine. But, some of the first few chapters have issues tagging who is doing or saying what; this makes it quite difficult to follow what is happening at times.

      Plot is simple. Man is re:ugly bastard, man does not like what that implies, man goes about new life. This new life seems to bring him to a close orbit with certain women regardless of his intentions. What little there is in explicit scenes are used to good effect in highlighting plot points.

      The characters and their interactions is where this novel shines. With a large roster and sensible conversations between them, the novel has a sense of broadness. Giving scenes to various character perspectives supplies a further sense of depth and liveliness to the world. The system's one track conversations with the protagonist are always amusing. As is the juxtaposition of the protagonist's exterior identity and interior ego in action.

      All in all this novel manages to utilize various tropes to good effect, creating both familiarity and intrigue.

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      Status: c08
      Apr 24, 2020

      This is a story of a guy waking up in the body of a fat dude with an Ugly Bastard System (or UBS).  Pretty straight forward, right?  Well... not exactly.

      See, the host has one teenie weenie problem...


      he's actually a good person.


      A great story so far and, although it's early, I felt it needed a review.

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      Status: ubs17 – reality check
      Jun 21, 2020

      Very good story with nice concept 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c16
      Jun 21, 2020

      Very good, keep it up.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c14
      May 15, 2020

      It’s very interesting and fun to see how a normal and not piece of sh*t human being encounters the sh*tty world he’s been in, although the title seems misleading it is a very fun read with all the minor and weird details

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ubs10 – godspeed
      Apr 29, 2020

      I turn away once because of the title + synopsis. After seeing it on the update, I try reading this out of curiosity and it turn out to be more well written than expected. At first, I thought it would be brainless pervert MC with op system, which I would stop reading after a few chapters, but turn out MC has character of his own and the story has some plot in it. It would be best if you add something more in synopsis since it kind of not relatable to the story (as of chapter 10).

      Keep up the good work, waiting to read more of this.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c14
      May 23, 2020

      Great story, excellent grammar. A nice read if you're bored a typical transmigration story

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c46
      Mar 25, 2021

      I'm going to rate this novel 4 stars for now. I've liked the story so far, so why would I rate it 4 stars instead of 5? Let's try to look into the story objectively.

      Grammar. Grammar is good enough for me. There are some typos or slight mistakes here and there, but you would rarely find a novel that doesn't have any. The way the author phrases out his sentences is equally good and doesn't overload you with a lot of over cumbersome stuff. The only thing that was a clear downside to me was the names of a few characters.  As they sounded too familiar, I've mixed them up a few times.

      Plot and Storytelling. The story isn't what you expect, at least for now. Spoiler. It's a wholesome story, first and foremost. The story progresses smoothly, there aren't any abrupt time skips, nor does it progresses too slowly. But there are a few downsides here. I guess I would include the way he writes his r-18 scenes here? They aren't good. If you want to read this story for the 'mature' content, there are books that would suit you better. So far, what we got was really, bland I guess? The foreshadowings that the author tries to create are predictable. Personally, I think it isn't a major minus, however, seeing the potential, you want something better. I as well didn't like one of the plot twists, but it's completely subjective, so I won't dive into it.
      Also, I would like to point out a few things that I judged to be neutral, but they can be divisive for someone else. The story doesn't follow the pov of the MC all the time. Sometimes, you may get the feeling that it concentrates on other characters too much. The second thing is the usage of the 'system'. It's not applied the way most of us got used to, it doesn't give huge cheats, at least for now. So far, it's more of a companion, while the whole 'system' isn't fleshed out.

      Characters. First of all, the MC. We got someone with a story and someone who doesn't think with his nether half, which is a plus for me. He is an adult, he acts (at least tries) to act like an adult, and overall is a likable guy. Because the novel doesn't focus solely on the MC, he isn't as fleshed out (yet), so we don't see a lot of his flaws, which in my opinion something that makes a character more lively. Though, the part of his life that was for now omitted and took place before the beginning. It's affecting his personality, it is a plus for me.
      Other adult characters are lacking in depth just as much in my opinion. The story is too predictable and too short, to get an actual look and understanding of their personalities. Antagonists don't have a uniqueness to them. BUT, the kids in this story act as actual kids, they are believable. There are a few side characters that bring something to the story, and I would say I want more time for them. Because it's too early, in my opinion, I can't say that the characters are a downside. Even if the characters aren't fleshed out as much, their interactions are good. They are believable, and the way they react to each other doesn't destroy their personalities.
      One of the major minuses that this novel has is a lack of description of the characters. We get something common as descriptions. An example of this was the fact that the author used a character from another story, or you can say that it was an easter egg. And I've had no idea that it was an easter egg until he stated so. All while the cast itself is on a more unique side than some other novels. And damn, I ship the school nurse and the MC. All because of how the appearance of the school nurse, was described. It wasn't much, but it made her stand out among all the other cast and even some characters from the other works.

      Overall the story is good, it's wholesome but unfortunately too short.

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