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/ Series / The Housewife’s Netorare App
The Housewife’s Netorare App
The Housewife’s Netorare App
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3.4 (60 ratings)
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A married woman's descent into depravity, sexual deviancy, and lust.

Yuina Ninomae is a 29-year old housewife whose cozy and quiet life is devoid of any excitement. On the anniversary since they moved to Shinjuku so her husband Souji could be closer to work, she works up the courage to ask him to have a child with her, and to her surprise, he accepts.

However, when a friend introduces her to an app designed for bored housewives, Yuina finds herself embroiled in a game she cannot withdraw from. Now, whenever her phone vibrates with a notification, a chill runs up her spine. Yuina must find a way to clear this 'make your choice' game that subjects her to perform raunchy actions to herself or to people around her.

A game in which, if she ignores, may lead to tragic consequences for Souji.

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Cover art by Nez-box

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Adultery Affair Beautiful Female Lead Blackmail Marriage Mind Break Netorare Netori Sex Friends
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      Status: chapter 39
      Dec 13, 2020

      Without spoilers.  The story is certainly Polarizing as can be seen when looking at the reviews, I you  like  a  s*xy female main  char who  get's into lewd situation with somebody not the husband while blaming it on the app while still enjoying herself  can be quite un when you are into it, if you aren't then  this story is likely really not for you.

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      Status: epilogue
      Mar 16, 2021

      The protagonist, Yuina, goes through an interesting journey after her friend installs a new app on to her phone. I believe, for the most part, the story does a great job of planting seeds throughout the story that are logically expanded upon in later chapters.  And in a story like this, I appreciate that Yuina's character was refined over the course of the story and she almost never acted out of character. 

      I was pleasantly surprised that different aspects of love were not randomly mixed together;


      like the difference between...

      • people you'd trust to watch over your pet or child 
      • people you enjoy being around
      • people who can pleasure you


      This was a worthwhile read.

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