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The Hidden World
The Hidden World
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A child traumatized at a young age. An emotionally dead teen now. A youth who has no future, always aiming for mediocrity to stay in the shadows. Entering high school, the child discovers the power that laid within and is dragged into the world not seen by humans. A world of magic. A world of monsters. And potentially a world of new beginnings.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremRomanceSchool Life
Androgynous Characters Antihero Protagonist Apathetic Protagonist Appearance Changes Assassins Cautious Protagonist Character Growth Demons Elemental Magic Magic Magical Technology Monsters Non-human Protagonist Polygamy Slow Romance Underestimated Protagonist
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      Status: c60
      May 1, 2020

      It's not terrible but it's also not good. The story really lacks depth and the characters are all very boring and 2D except for the computer the MC created. A lot of characters aren't even described at all, you just get a name and that's it.

      The MC is described as lacking emotions but somehow still gets annoyed at people. Later on around chapter 58 the author completely abandoned the emotionless characteristic and has the MC become more emotional and talks a lot more. Literally a single chapter, you would have a couple of lines coming from the MC with just some basic answers like yes, no, or ok. Now he's talking and making conversation and joking around? 

      I still don't understand the 'Girls Love' and 'Gender Bender' tag. The author also seems to be trying to force the idea that the MC could be a different gender. I'm honestly very confused, he identifies as a male but looks like a female but when someone thought he was a female he 'corrected' them by telling them his gender is other. I am so lost at this point. I'm beginning to doubt whether or not the author truly knows their own characters gender.

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      Status: chapter 206 – burglary
      Feb 18, 2020

       For those looking for GB or GL, those tags have not been implemented (at least in a clear way) in MC as of ch.206 but the Author promises that they will come somewhere in the future.

      This novel is one of those where you can see the Author get better and better as the story progresses and as such I would recommend that the Author rewrites the first 10-20 chapters (chapters before the "death") as those kept me from reading this story for like half a year, but I recently took another look and it got a lot better after I pushed myself to read past those.

      What I like about this story is that while the MC looks like a girl (IT'S A TRAP) he makes it an advantage rather than whining about it and also that MC is strong (maybe a thad bit too strong on some points), but also have a lot of things that he can't do, so that you don't get a pic that the MC should just dump other people and do everything himself. Another point is that the "bad guys" are given some background so that they arent just "I-am-the-bad-guy-so-I-do-evil-things" (well except the few in the chapters I'd like the Author to rewrite).

      Well this became a lot longer than I thought, but anyhow good job Author and I hope that you keep it up for a long time to come.

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      Status: waiting for a new chapter
      Jul 24, 2019

      I love this story, love it very much.

      well, one thing that bothered me. Why are there GB and GL tags there?

      Ah, I understand the first, but not for the second. Can someone explain it to me.


      doesn't the MC only have the appearance of a girl? So far, I have not found anything that changed the MC's gender. Except for his appearance.


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      Status: c0
      Feb 28, 2019

      I am loving this book so far.  I can't wait to find out the MC's back story!

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c44
      Apr 5, 2019

      Love this book. Looking forward how the other girls melts the heart of our emotionless MC. 

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      5 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c50
      Feb 22, 2020

      I Reading this novel bcoz tag Gender Bender, Yuri/GirlLove, Polygamy

      But what I get is Trap MC not a Ganderbander, Always getting bullied because have Girly face and Voice, MC always Act alone, rarely talk with Girl like he not interested with girl, I can't not understand what MC ambition or target he true want...

      Bcoz im tired waiting for romance and harem, I drop this novel at Chapter 50

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      Status: chapter 130 – research
      Sep 9, 2019

      A good read with some decently well written characters, powerful MC (who's a trap, which I have a soft spot for) who's not a "super duper powerful, I defeat everyone I meet type." Which is nice


      Maybe it's just me but it's starting to get pretty cheesy. Still not bad, but it's hard for my interest to not wane.


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      Status: c309
      Sep 25, 2020

      Love the story. Definitely one of my favorites on this site. But the GB/GL/Poly-Tags are slightly confusing because it's very slow burn (reeaaaly slow) and even when they are here the moments are spread thin throughout the story.


      To give a perspective to these things. The Gender Bender becomes clear in chapter 220. The Girls Love like 10 chapters after. Poly then around chapter 290, but it didn't really get explored actively. Meaning there's not been a real romantic interaction been ongoing between more then 2 people at the same time.


      So the story focuses most of the time on other conflicts, that are really interesting by itself, but the romace is never really absent.

      Another small warning are the first twentyish chapters, which are not really like the rest of the story. So my recommendation is to read a little bit further (like to chapter 40 or something) before you give up (if you'd even want to by then). 

      All together it's a wonderful fantasy story with sparkles of a really slow burning romance. 

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      Status: chapter 347 – burial
      Dec 30, 2020

      This story is very much a slow burn. At this point (Chapter 347), we’re at about 580k words, making it longer than Infinite Jest and rapidly catching up on War and Peace. &Nbsp;In normal book terms, you’re looking at a trilogy.

      That said, it’s not to its disadvantage. I was intimidated by its length 150 chapters ago and delayed picking it up for that reason, but once I started and got past the slowish start, I quickly caught up with the author (who has been putting out a chapter every couple of days!) and I always look forward to seeing more. &Nbsp;This is, of all the stories I’m reading on here, the one I’m looking forward to seeing updates to the most.

      If you’re here for yuri or gender-bender, it takes a good while to get around to those parts. I think it speaks to the confidence of the author that they didn’t go straight for those elements in the early chapters, and that they’ve built such a big world and woven it in so well. This isn’t a by-the-numbers girls-meet-then-kiss-the-end kinda tale, but rather one where you spend enough time with the characters that it doesn’t feel forced: a whole and complete story in its own right.

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