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/ Series / The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
The Vampire’s Templar
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4.5 (374 ratings)
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The holy knight Carmen never questioned his beliefs, even while he laid dying at the hands of a vampire. But death would not be the end for him. When Carmen next woke up, he found himself "alive" once again in the body of an animated corpse—a zombie—that was forced to slave away in the mines of a human kingdom.

As a proud, former knight, Carmen could not allow this wretched practice to continue. He must find a way to escape, regain his body and status, and uncover the truth. But there was something strange about this was that of a little girl.

A smug and cute vampire bullying another cute vampire
A cute vampire growing up
Sweet, sweet yuri
More sweet yuri because it's a harem
Actual plot

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Table of Contents
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    Status: Chapter 42, edit 1 at 61, edit 2 at 90

    So I'm going to preface this with I've never written a review before but I'll do my best using other reviews as a template. I'll also try to be objective as possible but keep in mind I really love this novel so my ratings may be a bit skewed.

    Warning there are unmarked spoilers in this review most of which are pretty minor but I thought I'd be clear on that. 

    For reference my rating system is as follows

    1 star: bottom of the barrel trash | 2 stars: bad but not awful | 3 stars: average, could be better could be worse | 4 stars: very good, has great points and there is little wrong with it but could use some improvements | 5 stars: perfect or near perfect.

    Characters: 5 / 5

    This is a character driven novel so good characters are essential fortunately this is where vampires Templar shines the most.

    The story focuses on a handful of characters giving a reasonable amount of major and minor characters to care about without spreading development to thin. 

    So the cast for is very likable but not necessarily completely unique. Even when it comes the characters who are entitled pricks you kinda get where they're coming from even if you don't agree with it and they're quickly put in their place. 

    At first the secondary characters felt very flat but they were fleshed out in the 3rd arc while it was not necessarily done in the most organic way possible and felt rather sudden it could be a lot worse and didn't feel too forced. 

    On the other hand in the first few chapters you can clearly understand the way the MC thinks. As you follow them on their journey you see into their head as they slowly change the way they think even their sense of morals changes over time. 

    This is done at a good pace it doesn't feel like he's adapting to fast or too slow. At first MC has strong convictions and a mostly upright way of thinking but is shown to be flexible and willing to adapt to their situation without feeling like they are just going with the flow.

     As they adapt to their new life however they start to change their tactics feeling even going so far as to instil fear in others to get their way something they most likely wouldn't have done while they were a paragon of righteousness.

     They have clear long term and short term goals and are willing to change their plans if they have to instead of doubling down on them.

    Onto the vampire, she is more of a mysterious figure you are slowly drip fed information about her true motives and her relations she obviously had bigger goals when it came to turning the MC but won't tell them what they are until she feels that they are worthy.

    I'd describe the rest of the characters but that would go into major spoiler territory so I'll refrain from doing so.

    Plot 4.5 / 5: 

    The story is well paced with a good balance of action, scheming, and silly antics. The plot isn't the most original but it hasn't exactly been overdone either and the author manages to put their own spin on it. The characters drive the plot more than the plot driving the characters. 

    Sadly I can't go into any real detail without spoiling the hell out of it but I'll give you this much there is way more to what's going on than what's on the surface as you'll see later on.

    Additionally the author follows the "show don't tell" rule very well and the avoids info dumps or long exposition that can bog down a story.

    Pacing 4.5 / 5

    The pacing matches well with the chapter per day format and cliffhangers are few and far between. Chapters are mid length and you still feel like something has been accomplished in each one even if the progress hasn't been huge. 

    The pacing does get a bit wonky in the third arc but it quickly gets fixed up in the fourth.

     Overlooking the issues the third arc had this is probably one of the best-paced novels I've ever seen if not the best. 

    Worldbuilding 3 / 5: 

    this is where I hit a snag I don't really know enough about world building to put a proper rating because I've always been more interested in characters and plot than a complex and interesting world.

     From my basic understanding of the concept I'd say there isn't much in the way of world building but that doesn't detract from the story's overall quality as it's a character driven story not a plot of world driven story.

    Since the story is not about the world they're in but the characters themselves I'll give it a 3.

    Author Conduct 5/5: 

    While many may disagree it is my opinion that an author's conduct whether it be how they keep their audience's attention or how they interact with their community and handle feedback can make a major impact on enjoyment. 

    Being rude to their audience unnecessarily or relying on cheap tactics like cliffhangers can have a major effect on their viewpoint of both the author and the work as a whole. 

    Okay, maybe that was a bit long for an introduction but continuing on.

    While the author's conduct isn't perfect it's pretty damn near it the author is courteous to their audience at all times, listens to feedback, quickly corrects typos, and is good about answering questions even if they have to answer them multiple times. Way better than I could have done.

    Personal enjoyment 5 / 5: 

    okay here's where I get to be subjective. I love this novel and find myself looking forward to a new chapter each day.

    I am biased towards the genre and we are finally getting confessions it took a while and felt a tad abrupt but was still fairly satisfying.

    Overall rating: 4.3 / 5

    I will continue updating this review whenever I feel that a major change happens.

    Ps if you managed to read through my wordy review thank you I'm really bad at summing things up so I appreciate you bearing with me.

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    Status: c45

    Its complicated, I really enjoyed reading, its well written with good grammar and pacing, I also quite enjoy the pov changes to see how other characters think and besides the MC the other characters are relateable and the motives understandable, a good idea and interesting powers. There is just one glaring flaw in this story sadly and that is that the MC has no backbone, after getting his friends and soldiers killed and kidnapped, beeing tortured for who knows how long, getting a forced race and s*x change then dumped into a weak body and fighting for survival, what does he do? He submits to the person that brought all this pain to him. I can accept that she is stronger than him and he doesnt want to fight her, but he is not beeing rebellious nor has he thoughts of how to get back at her, he submitted fully and doesnt seem care about beeing blackmailed over the lives of his soldiers and friends, what a nice guy! Honestly I would probably rate this story lower but I still enjoyed it enough. Sorry for the rant but it was depressing on parts to read. My feelings are split but I still hope to see more in the future anyways^^

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c45

    //warning: contains major spoilers!!!!!//


    I had such a great hope for this novel....

    It started great, amazing. MC got a chance to get a revenge via constant power ups. It was so exciting to follow him on his journey towards his goal.

    The feeling, the expectations I couldn't wait to see how he was going to achieve it. But at one point: BANG - all that plot shattered. The MC that was supposed to hate to the bone the demons who wiped his village, who killed his entire army, who tortured him in a dungeon, changed his mind..... Yes! Just like that, no reason at all.  He kissed the but t of his main enemy and called her mother. Mother?? MC  has become a loyal puppy of the mere demon that killed him. What a failure of a charachter, a sponge. A major plot hole that basically ruined everything.. The author tried to cover up with some fluffines and yuri but in the end it is all over.. The plot, the story is all gone, the excitement of the revenge gone. All ruined. I was so disapointed that almost broke the keyboard.

    . Its worth reading up to chapter 40. A 5 stars experience!  Be prepared to meet events I mentioned above at that point. Dropped novel after c 45, couldn't bare it anymore. The MC  betrayed his believes as a human, become one with the demons. It took him just one week. How are we supposed to support the growth of an enemy of humanity, a filthy demon? The author drops a subplot -  the MC is going to cleanse the corruption in church. But in the end it doesn't change anything - the humans are doomed, they exist only on the mercy of the demons. Humans have no hope in a long term.

    The only hope that  remains is to  summon a hero from Japan (isekai) to help  :) . A real HERO with strong believes and righteousness, not the jellyfish one shown in this novel. (the last ones are not part of novel just my wish as a human :)

    Giving it 2 stars for the enjoyment of starting chapters.


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    Status: chapter 123: ambush sprung

    A story that coud have been a 5 star from me if it didn't suffer from inconsistencies with it's world building.


    - The fact that the MC stop trying to get stronger after her first evolution for no given reason, I get that after her evolution they are pressed for time but she kill a hundred of undead and dosn't absorb their mana ?

    - The coincidence that the Templar whom she met at the city, immediatly following her depart from said city they met once again ?

    - The fact that the author wanted the MC to have a pet but didn't bother thinking it through and so just gave it to her ? Considering what we learn of mana-beast prior to mettings the pet it make no sense, they are proud and violent being who, from the description, would never allow themselve to be tamed. The only ways for it to work would have been through domination magic or tools and that would give birth to an unhealthy relationship.


    If you are like me and like your story with logic and common sense within the world created by the author then this story will irk you at times. It is sill however a good story deserving at least a 3 star, not for me though not anymore.

    Great story, start to have problem after the first evolution and the writing take a bit of a dive at 100 but somewhat bearable. Depend on the person I guess.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 223 (5/12): a meeting in front...

     Spolier warning


    A very good story that ends feeling hollow and like the MC was a pawn that died for Victoria's dream. MC deserves more closure than they currently get, so much so that I cant recommend reading it unless you are really into tragedys.

    Carmilla was killed, tortured, and lied to just so Victoria could bring back her crush and a  overly prideful and arrogant race her people failed. I would be okay with all of that if we get more than 500 words describing what their reincarnations do and if they gain their memories back.

    All in all 3/5 will only make you sad. And the clsure only will make you angry.


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    Status: chapter 102: the appraiser

    Ah, sweet sweet yuri. How I love thee...

    Okay, here's the elevator pitch. Grizzly templar dude is captured by demons. He is transformed against his will into a vampire. He resists the change, dies... and is necromanced into a little zombie girl?! And not a powerful zombie, either... one of those slow Romero kinds who can only moan and shuffle. What's the grizzly templar dude to do?! Fight endlessly to regain his human self and original body, or lean fully into being a lady undead while growing more powerful and possibly even finding love in the arms of another girl?

    Well, you can guess which option he chooses.

    This is an excellent story, and one with strong-ass yuri vibes mixed with lots of combat and a dash of political maneuvering. The yuri is a bit slow-burn, not really kicking into high gear until around chapter 50, but rest assured there's plenty of it. Moreso than anything else, the strong writing carries this story, and the characters are exceptionally well-developed.

    To the author, I encourage you to slow down your writing pace if you're getting close to burning out! A chapter a day is nice, and I was also writing my story at that pace when I first started it... but if you need to pace yourself to make it across the finish line, don't hesitate to implement a more relaxed update schedule. That's what saved me from burning out.

    And finally, thank you for providing us all with such an excellent story! I look forward to continuing to read it, along with whatever other works you may write in the future!

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    Status: c113


    Its a good series, but, the MC is sh*tty, no resolve, he is supposed to hate Victoria yet goes according to her plans, She betrayes our MC but goes acording to her plans. I don't care anymore, I'm dropping this. Is making me Angsty. I can't I tried but I can't read novels with this type of contradicting 2D MC. She has an eternity before her litteraly no lifespan, the world be damned if she cannot even protect the person she loves most I mean I spoiled myself and she has to take the core of her lover for the plan her "mother" is brewing, of course, she is the MC so everything is going to be ok, right? *Sigh* so what if she goes hiding 100 years? (All her human acquaianteces would be gone) and she can do a fresh start 1000 she will be strong enought to do whatever she likes or 10000? 


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    Status: chapter 22: knight-class skeleton

    The "Bullying" mentioned in the synopsis is not the fun kind of bullying.

    It is a combination of torture and mental abuse.

    This story might grow into something nice later, but right now it's a story about how a vampire forcibly transforms a man who hates her with every fiver of his being into her new playdoll, and then forces him to call her Mother.

    And be grateful for it.

    That's a toxic relationship. This book doesn't do fluff. If there was fluff, it is poisoned.

    I have heard of camps where they try to "beat the gayness" out of someone. This book is the opposite. It tries to forcibly beat it in.

    I think both of those things are equally bad. If you wouldn't send your kid to a homophobic conversion camp, you probably won't like this book either.

    Author; the protagonist has no agency. That's why the story reads like a horror fic. He/she/whatever isn't allowed to choose. That's body horror as a result.

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    Status: chapter 115

    Good story 

    Don't give up!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 34: outpost commander

    Female vampire + magic and sword fighting, yuri in horizon, very nice storytelling, world story, no stupid level system... love the story  :)

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