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/ Series / Arteria: Her Magic.
Arteria: Her Magic.
Arteria: Her Magic.
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At the beginning of the 24th century, something shifted the dynamics of the galaxies. It brought hope to the crumbling Earth, but it also sparked a war that extinguished countless lives, all for the mystical phenomenon known as Magic.

Amidst the currents of history, Angelica Arteria and Alina Arteria entered the weakest national college of the country, the United College. There, they would find their friends, their enemies, and their love.

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• Cover art by zearmy, amazing guy.
× Synopsis by GDLiZy (60%), TypeAxiom (40%), Mihou (-1%)

ActionDramaGirls LoveHaremRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernatural
Adopted Children Adopted Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead College/University Cooking Family Conflict Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Jack of All Trades Magic Modern Day Overpowered Protagonist Sealed Power
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      Status: volume 1. prologue.

      This is a review from Chapter 6, might change in the future.


      Okay... Let me get this straight first. The story is set on the modern world in the future (decades into our current year), it has magic as you expected from the title, and has an overpowered MC from what I can see.

      The MC isn't that overpowered though, but more like stronger than usual MC, there are still people stronger than her from what we can see on Chapter Three, where a fight scene happens.

      The story then progresses with the MC seemingly adopting a child she met on a restaurant who was attacked by a man who bumped her, and from what it looks, the child will have an impact towards her in the future (mostly the inheritance battle from chapter one).


      The grammar of the story is good, it is good enough for you to read without looking at the dictionary every few seconds (I hate those stories, god I want to read the story and not look at the dictionary every few seconds, for christ sake)

      The take on this story is interesting though, I am hoping it goes Mahouka route which is more theory focused.

      Overall, this story seems interesting as of chapter six. 

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