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Has R-18 chapters readers beware
This is the story of Jack Luna the heir of the Lunataris Barony. Which is often viewed as unimportant by the rest of the Boundling Kingdom. This is his struggle through noble life from the bottom of the aristocratic ladder. After his early life (he is thrown into the political intrigue of the Noble Academy with his Wife Erin and bounded. As familial and political grudges flare Jack and Erin must last these two years before they can move on to other things.)<-still writing

Author's note
The prologue will be a sort of world building and expositional dump about the world of Oathikar and its rules, customs and ideology it is for general information and by no means rules that wont be broken it exist to help understand the perspective of the average person. Also I know that the ages don't make sense if this is in a medieval fantasy but what can I do but adhere to guidelines on sexual content. I will be releasing the first five chapters and prologue at the same time. Depending on the interest in this I will spend more time on this so I'm not going to say how often new chapters will be but I will try my best to have a chapter out once every two weeks to start. It will likely be more often then this though as for me it is an easy story to write. The length of chapters will vary because I don't have a word goal for a chapter it will based on what I feel works

Fantasy World Hidden Abilities Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kingdoms Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Monster Girls Monster Tamer Monsters Mythology Nobles R-18
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