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/ Series / Dating the Spoiled
Dating the Spoiled
Dating the Spoiled
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3.7 (23 ratings)
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When Kouji took the job of tutoring a bunch of rich girls at an all-girls academy. He never imagined that they'd fall in love with him. Not only that, but he also never thought in a million years that he'd fall for them and they'd all end up in a harem.

Yet here he is, starting his second year of high school with a bunch of girls who love him. Himawari, Teru, Waa, Yuma, and Anastasia still have their own challenges to meet even after declaring the love for him.

Can these six manage to survive until graduation? It's time to find out in the sequel to the popular web fiction series, "Tutoring the Spoiled"!

Author's notes:
This series is going to be different in a few ways compared to its prequel. Said differences will be...
- Shorter chapters. The previous one averaged roughly 1600 words per chapters. I'm aiming closer to just 1k for this. Hopefully the pacing will also be quicker as a result.
- Lewder scenes. While we're not going all the way with sex or anything like that. It'll be naughtier in comparison with what is done with the girls. So the rating is closer to R-15 rather than what was essentially PG-13.
- Less Plot(?) There are plenty of storylines left to cover that weren't heavily touched in the prequel. However, I believe there will be less character development in this sequel.

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ComedyEcchiHaremRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Academy All-Girls School Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Different Social Status Episodic Hard-Working Protagonist Modern Day Nudity Quirky Characters R-15 Student-Teacher Relationship Voyeurism
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      Status: chapter 24: paranoid

      Honestly I think the story would have been even better if it were not split into a separate books from its part 1 Tutoring the Spoiled (Prequel) ! So I am sure that the couple of 1 star ratings are due to readers not seeing this great story had a first part!!! It is even better than the first one if you are a fan of harems!

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