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Mayevil is a renowned assassin who is known to complete any mission without fault. A hybrid that is ostracized by each of her respective halves. To her peers, she is an enigma as distant as she is powerful, a person they cannot hope to understand or relate to. Yet, while this is how they see her, the reality is that she is simply confused. Without a greater sense of purpose, her day-to-day life repeats itself over and over again.

In the hope that she will eventually find joy or meaning, she continues, without so much as understanding why, as much as why not.

Encountering noble vampires, powerful martial artists, and haughty mages all the while, her journey will prove to be a difficult one.

This story is inspired by the works of Kinoku Nasu, and various martial arts-oriented stories such as Kengan Ashura and The Raid. Expect a mix of magic, comedy and fight scenes, with a sprawling fantastical world. As a side note, while the story starts off relatively tame, there may be some less than wholesome things that happen later on, so do be warned!

Hello! If you want to join the Discord server then look down below!

(If you want the special 'reader' role, please just message me @Moripanda!)

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyHorrorMartial ArtsSeinenSlice of LifeSupernatural
Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Calm Protagonist Comedic Undertone Demons Elves Fantasy World Female Protagonist Loner Protagonist Magic Mature Protagonist Modern Fantasy Quirky Characters Stoic Characters Tomboyish Female Lead Vampires
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