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A Thread Across The Universe
A Thread Across The Universe
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"That night when a star shot across the sky, it marked the start of an unforgettable summer."

What would you do if you received an odd message from a stranger?

Haru Hashimoto had no plans for the summer, besides lazing around on his bed and playing mobiles games. However, his plans changed the day he received a suicide message from a person named KawaiiKanojo. Haru was prepared to live each mundane day of life in peace, but a chance encounter with an eventful stranger would start to set his dull life into motion again.

ComedyDramaMysteryRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of LifeSupernaturalTragedy
Introverted Protagonist Living Alone Loner Protagonist Long-distance Relationship Low-key Protagonist Misunderstandings Modern Day Modern Time Naive Protagonist Oneshot Past Trauma Protagonist Falls in Love First Quiet Characters Quirky Characters Secrets Short Story Slow Romance Social Outcasts Stubborn Protagonist Suicides Timid Protagonist Tragic Past
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