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/ Series / In Naruto World
In Naruto World
In Naruto World
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3.4 (59 ratings)
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This is a story about a boy who gets transmigrated into Naruto's body right at the point where the story began. Filled with excitement and hesitation he takes his step forward in order to not get killed without enjoying this unconventional life to the fullest.

ActionAdultAdventureEcchiFanfictionIsekaiMatureSeinenSlice of Life
Harem-seeking Protagonist Ninjas Reincarnated into Another World
Table of Contents 55
Reviews 5
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 28


    How the hell did this get into Trending? It's super cringy and has too many plot holes to count. The MC wants to be both lazy and hard-working at the same time? He trains for a few months and suddenly he becomes Saitama?! How does that make any sense?! The system is also redundant and the MC would be better off without it.

    In short, don't waste your time here, fellow readers.


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    Status: --

    Ehhh, the system offer is ridiculous, one absurd quest, with a reward and penalty ridicule as the quest. It only served to make the MC even more op, but it was ABSOLUTELY no sensical. After the quest the system completely disappeared. No status, no quest nothing for MONTHS and I don't even know if it will reappear, since I'm dropping it. To be clear, I'm not dropping because of the system, but because of what represent. No sense that will give power to the MC or situation tailed for him to look good. The fact that he killed to people in cold blood and acted like Nothing is laughable. The writing is  inexperienced, the syntax, morphology, complexity and the plot itself is... The standard of scribble hub. 

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 28

    Honestly a pretty good read, and even tho the system is kinda overt the top... it's still pretty enjoyable overall.  Hoping the releases pick up 😁

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: c35


    The chapters are super short but the content is enjoyable

    Some parts may not be to everyone's liking but when you come across them imagine yourself in said situation, many would do much worse for the purpose of survival



    The updates are almost non-existant, Relationships are going nowhere, latest chapter implies clones will be used as a substitute for himself during intercourse (just hand the girls a dildo instead) system no longer giving death sentences, or easily resolved with clones it should force him to interact with real girls instead of doing the equivalent of masterbation for every mission. I understood the first time but everytime after he had plenty of chances. It looks like the system was introduced only to give him a few op skills only to be tossed aside as it is no longer important and now instead of survival based concept of you need to get laid or die its turning into just another megalomaniac who goes after everything with a hole, even himself.

    The orochimaru lemon was pointless and only took away from the story

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapters

    Well, I liked how the story went, it is a little different from the rest of the stories of the same kind, so I hope to continue and write more, I am waiting patiently for it

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