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/ Series / BL Short Stories for the Fujoshi Soul
BL Short Stories for the Fujoshi Soul
BL Short Stories for the Fujoshi Soul
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[Currently on indefinite hiatus...thank you for understanding > <;; ]


“Alright, I’ll untie you.” His smirk widened ever so slyly. “But only if you give me a kiss...”


Ah, to kiss or not to kiss, that is the question.

In this collection of BL short stories, readers can find fluffy/smutty/angsty stories about tsundere ukes and their seductive semes—all perfectly rotten for the fujoshi soul.

( ...because these short stories are written as a way for me to practice and improve my writing abilities, I apologize for any errors, and maybe one too many usage of “he smirked”.....“I blushed”.....“he gently cupped my cheek”.....“and I melted under his touch”..........💦 )

Happy rotten reading~!


Note: Stories containing bed scenes will be marked as [18+] so you know what you’re getting into...and what the seme is getting *into* 😏

Boys LoveDramaJoseiMatureRomanceSmut
Boy's Love Subplot Collection of Short Stories College/University Cute Protagonist Cute Story Destiny First Love First-time Intercourse Fujoshi Heartwarming Kind Love Interests Magic Male Protagonist Modern Day Multiple Protagonists Nudity Oneshot Perverted Protagonist R-18 Roommates Seduction Seme Protagonist Short Story Tsundere
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