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/ Series / The Last Dukes’ Memoirs
The Last Dukes’ Memoirs
The Last Dukes’ Memoirs
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4.7 (20 ratings)
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Word Count:68,393
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      Status: c33
      Oct 13, 2020

      Highly recommend. Has a good start to the outline of the story. 

      The synopsis doesn't really give you an idea of the story. If author reads highly recommend updating it as almost didn't read it because of the synopsis.

      A short but better understanding would be:

      "Klive has inherited a book of an Era only known as the Dusk from his Nanny. Giving the personal recollections of the Dukes of that time. A time of strife that almost brought the extinction of multiple races.

      Klive the youngest son of a Knight has followed his father to the town of Lothar, with his mother, older sister & brother. Gifted by the king as reward for participation in the Monster Waves. Growing a small town into a city metropolis they face unknown and monstrous threats whilst seeking to prove themselves on the frontier."

      I think gives you a better idea? The story is only a week or so in from moving into the town at this point.

      Has excellent characters. It does jump around a lot which can be a bit confusing to keep track of what's going on. Otherwise story is connected enough to see it tying together well as it progresses.

      The main character hasn't had much screen time? As of yet but should be an interesting fellow from what has happened so far.

      Has good pacing. Keeps you interested as it goes and author has a clear understanding of the direction they want to take us.

      Doesn't have stupid amounts of info dumps and keeps you updated with info as required. 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: prologue 2: the duchess
      Nov 25, 2020

      This novel has a lot of potential, the author's writing is impeccable with a narrative worthy of professionals, it surprised me a lot and certainly one of the best on the site

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
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