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/ Series / A Murder Wizards Adventure
A Murder Wizards Adventure
A Murder Wizards Adventure
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4.2 (26 ratings)
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Hanabira Haruno. Born during the fires of the second war, watch as a young sociopath has fun in a world of death and ninja business as he tries to become the most ninja of murder wizards.
Lots of missions and ANBU business.
It was supposed to be a serious fic, but I can't take anything seriously, so it has ended more as a comedy. oops
Cross posted from Webnovel so if there are any mistakes, please PM me.
Also I'm making this up as i go along, there is no plan

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Body Swap Crazy Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Death Gore Handsome Male Lead Lazy Protagonist Ninjas
Table of Contents 123
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: update!

    So... The story is good and very funny, the sociopath MC was nice and his trouble with feelings was interesting to read, I was going to give 5 star BUT...


    Killing Mantis in second last chapter left bad aftertaste, I don't care MC sacrificed humankind (except his family), but him killing his last Anbu friend was just di*k move.


    The story is worth reading, except two last chapters, I just don't like them, why, I wrote in the spoiler.

    It was good reading while waiting for start of seaquel/more chapters in other fanfic of the same author.

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    Status: c123, finished

    Pretty nice, this story can be summarized in one sentence. Full of complete boneshiveringly bootlickingly fun.

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    Status: c15

    great fanfiction, the comedy is gold.  never written a review before but your fan fic doesn't have traffic yet, so I hope the review helps

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: 119 the end
    Before I begin with review, I must mention the writer forgot to tag "completed" in series to say this is done. Please don't forget that if you're going to finish your story in some title. Now to actual review.
    The story is amazing and incredible! It got lots of world building and characters. Author did well even if he got no plan in his summary. It got a lot of action, explanation about his sociopath tendencies and other things. And it got romance too. Not going to spoil who ends up with him.
    The ending was surprising to say at least. A lot of emotions going off since chapter 109 until last one. You will understand what I mean by last chapter. Would love to give it 4.5/5 instead of 4 if it was possible because of it. Well, you will not regret reading this title until end. It's satisfying!

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