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/ Series / Sword Pop Culture LitRPG: Unsheathing Judgment Day!
Sword Pop Culture LitRPG: Unsheathing Judgment Day!
Sword Pop Culture LitRPG: Unsheathing Judgment Day!
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4.3 (3 ratings)
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What to expect: Non-stop Shonen-Manga style action, highly detailed world-building, occasional artwork and vibey narrative.

Dive into the realm of Crossblades, where swords clash and magic thrums in the air. Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Sword Pop Culture, an enthralling LitRPG adventure novel teeming with intense action, intriguing power dynamics, and spellbinding world-building.

Hao Vee, a blind Blade Engineer, navigates this volatile world through the pulsating vibrations of his faithful sword, Vibe Edge. For Hao Vee, a sword is not merely a weapon; it's a symbol of strength, honour, and unyielding power. His unbridled passion for swords and his unwavering belief separate him from the rest, leaving those without a sword unworthy of his attention.

Witness Hao Vee as he defies the odds and seeks to become the supreme sword master in Crossblades, facing monstrous beasts known as Tokyos, dangerous palace raids, and lurking demonic entities. Every swipe of the blade, every magical incantation, brings him a step closer to his ultimate goal.

Sword Pop Culture: a gripping LitRPG saga for those yearning for a thrilling blend of action, adventure, and the captivating allure of fantasy realms. So, are you ready to draw your sword and join Hao Vee in his monumental journey? Remember, in Crossblades, your sword is your soul.

Updated regularly with 3-7 chapters weekly - don't miss a beat in this high-stakes fantasy adventure!

Read up to 10-15 chapters ahead on my patreon.

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGender BenderLitRPGMartial ArtsSlice of LifeSupernatural
Adventurers Apocalypse Beasts Crafting Demons Dungeon Master Engineer Fantasy Creatures Futuristic Setting Game Ranking System Gladiators Gods Hunters Jiangshi Level System Mysterious Past Overpowered Protagonist Philosophical Polite Protagonist Sealed Power Skill Creation Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong
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    Status: chapter 21 – losing a precious arm...

    Wow, Sword Pop Culture is a thrilling read so far! Still early but the story follows a group of characters as they chase after a stolen X-class weapon. The action scenes are intense and kept me on the edge of my seat. I also enjoyed learning about the unique properties of these powerful swords. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure and sword fighting.

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