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/ Series / Aldar: The Saint’s Sensual Desires
Aldar: The Saint’s Sensual Desires
Aldar: The Saint’s Sensual Desires
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4.6 (24 ratings)
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In a world of reverse gender norms, this is the story of an orphan named Aldar Xane, who becomes a saint. Aldar is given memories of his past life on his birthday, but these memories are specific to the corresponding year he lived in that past life.

At the age of 18, Aldar's adventure begins by becoming the healer of a squad assigned to him. This squad will help him mature into his role as he starts off as a saint candidate on the path to becoming a saint.

NOTE: This story is slow-paced, with mature content that will not appear in every chapter. The focus will be more on slice-of-life in a medieval setting.
NOTE: The protagonist receives visions once a year. These are more influential than definitive; he doesn't realize they are from his past life, so he won't become overly masculine. His character will progress and develop with the story.

ActionAdultEcchiFantasyHaremIsekaiMatureSlice of LifeSmut
BDSM Blackmail Character Growth Demon Lord Divine Protection Enemies Become Lovers Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Forced Living Arrangements Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Masochistic Characters Matriarchy R-18 Sadistic Characters Sex Friends Yandere
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    Status: volume 1 chapter 13: forging bonds: the...

    I like it, the book starts slow but I rather have this pacing than be thrown into something.

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